Note to My Younger Self | 12 | 25

“Sing to me the song of the stars
of Your galaxy dancing and laughing
and laughing again
When it feels like my dreams are so far
Sing to me of the plans that You have for me over again”

25 has brought you here, in this moment, the moment of true surrender, the moment of letting the voice inside your head be heard, the moment of finally letting go of control, and finally taking your own advice.

You are meant to live for so much more. Don’t lose yourself finding out life, finding out if dreams truly do come true. Don’t lose yourself in looking for tangible things. Don’t lose your footing on the ground because the ground will take you to many places if you just remain grounded.

You are meant to live for so much more. The world will offer you many things, many temporary highs. But remember, what you are called for. Remember the very purpose of your existence.

You are meant to live for so much more. So don’t let your predetermined plans get in God’s way. Don’t let your futile attempt to be more, slip you away from your true calling.

You are meant to live for so much more. You are meant to love.

You are meant to live for so much more. So much more that you shall not settle for anything less of what you deserve. Don’t settle to things that make your heart ache. Don’t settle to people who make you feel little. Don’t settle to the life this world got to offer. Because I tell you, this world does not compare to anything God has in store for you.

Lastly, Julienne, you are meant to live for so much more. Don’t let control control you. Don’t let your grip suffocate you. Don’t let yourself hold you back.

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Note to My Younger Self is a 12-week Sunday Series that aims to make sense of my past in order for me to move on to the present without extra baggage.

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Note to My Younger Self | 10 | 2016

“Everyone deserves the chance to fly!”

This year was your another chance in life. Another shot to make your dreams possible. Another chance to step out again and this time, be brave enough to continue.

The first 2 months were not easy. You just got back from the agonizing internal battle of who you want to be and who are you ought to be. You just learned to stand up again. But, life had its way of getting you back down, frustrating you and your dreams. You’d given up… again.

You think, no fire can burn your passion again. No light can bring the spark again. No wind can make you fly again. But, you were wrong as usual, another simple unexpected circumstance turned your passionless soul burn with passion again. You learned to re-try but now with purpose. You learned to never stop learning. You learned to trust the process. You learned that to progress, you needed a lot of practicing to do. And that’s what you did.

But then, another unexpected event had happened. This was the time you were rekindling your fire. The battle of responsibilities and dreams were on again. You thought, life didn’t want you to dream. You learned to manage your time. And that’s what you did.

You thought after that, life would be smooth-sailing, however, that was not the case. And this time, it was not all about you anymore. It was all about life and how one life (or death) could make you realize that it would never be all about you. You learned to stay grounded. You learned that everything has its purpose. You learned to live your purpose. And this time, you learned to share that purpose.

Younger self, life would hit you every time you thought you are invincible because you are not. Don’t let your feet off the ground. Stop thinking that the world owe you because it does not. Learn to accept what’s in front and move forward from there.

Younger self, learn, learn, learn. There are lot of things to learn. So what if you fail on what you thought you want? There are vast of opportunities out there. Don’t be afraid to try again.

Younger self, be reminded why you are doing what you are doing. Be reminded why you started. Be reminded that whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as to please God and not men.

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Note to My Younger Self is a 12-week Sunday Series that aims to make sense of my past in order for me to move on to the present without extra baggage.



Creation + Passion + New Project

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” –  Albert Einstein

Maybe, I get God on why He chose to create this world.

Creating something out of nothing is fulfilling. And it is more fulfilling to know that the thing you create serves as an inspiration and gives you a purpose.

One of my many passions is creating something out of nothing — putting it into 3 letters — DIY. I love creating stuff. Creating an ordinary item into an extraordinary one. Recycling unusable items into a usable one. I love generating and implementing ideas. I love how simple ideas come to life. I love the idea that on a simple thing you do, you make the world a better and pretty place.

And to my surprise, many are just like me. Maybe doing DIY is more cost-efficient or maybe it becomes a hobby. But what I am sure of is making art is purposeful and fulfilling.

In these, I am inspired to work on a new project involving arts. And now, I am inviting all creatives to answer this brief survey, actually it is more of knowing your story as an (frustrated) artist/creative.


Why Writing Down Your Goals Important?

Do yourself a favor and stop reading motivational quotes. Okay, I am not against motivational quotes, I love them actually. Success quotes give us hope and makes our thoughts positive. But reading and thinking is different from acting upon it. If you really want to succeed, make it tangible.

Get a paper and pen now! Yes paper and pen, not your tablet, not your iPhone but a paper and pen. Right down every goals, dreams and aspirations you can think of, even those seemingly impossible ones. MAKE IT TANGIBLE.

No, writing it down won’t make you successful and instantly reach your goals. Keyword: STEPS. In every goal you write down, write every step you think you need to do in order to fulfill that goal. PLAN IT because if not it may be just another unfulfilled goals. If you cannot think of steps, research. There are a lot of blogs that can help you to have a concrete plan.

Why write it down? Writing it down makes you accountable. Having everything tangible and visible makes it possible to do. Nothing can beat a concrete plan written on a paper. If you only store it in your brain chances are it may lose in the brim of information overflow. Make it possible by listing it down.

I believe when someone says,

“You are worthy of your dreams.”

But let me add something,

“You are only worthy of your dreams when you do something about it.”

Maybe this will be having a Part 2. But as for now, thank you for reading my post.

Fear of the Future

Sometimes when you thought you know everything, that’s when life slaps you in the face and remind you, you don’t know anything at all.

Your eyes are set to higher goals, to a lifelong dream you have been holding on to your heart since you were young. And now, you step out in the world where reality is not as friendly as you thought it would be.

This week marks my 4 years in the corporate world. As I always say, I have never thought to be here for long. In fact, being here is a love-hate relationship. There are times when I feel I do not deserve anything like this. And there are those moments when self-entitlement struck me. And I hate what this world makes me feel: self-pity, unjust confidence, talentless, self-entitlement, unworthy, hatred, out-of-place, and most of all fear… fear of what the future will bring.

Okay before you stop reading because of all these rants, let me tell you this: In all these crazy and unsolicited self-pity, there’s joy… there is always joy in everything. Life, even how hard it may seem, always makes me realize there is good in every circumstances. The corporate world taught me to be strong, to face the giants of this world, to interact with different kinds of people, to accept and finish bigger responsibilities, to see the beauty in spite of the ugliness of this world, to conquer the fear of rejection.

Today, I learned to be still, to be quiet, to stop, to think and just believe that tomorrow, goals and lifelong dreams will be attained… that tomorrow is bigger, that God is bigger, that life is a process, that hope is enough right at this moment.

That today, you should just sit back and learn to






Unsung Song

Write down your fears and be alive.

Take my hand, together let’s fly:

To the moon and back,

To the sun and back,

To the greatest adventure of your life.


Paint me black and blue and red.

All the colors in your hand:

As white as snow;

As pretty as pink;

Together we’ll color the world.


Worry no more

Sorry no more

We’ll create a life within your home.


Write down your dreams,

Color it red.

Let your dreams be alive and fly like a bird:

To a world full of beauty,

A world full of joy.

Let your heart be filled with symphony and tone.


This is supposed to be a song. But because I don’t have a good voice and I don’t have the guts to post the sound recording I made last Wednesday, it will stay an unsung song until the end of time.

Mike Wazowski


When you were young, you dreamed of so many things. Then one day, just like a spark, you realized your ultimate dream, the ultimate dream of dreams. You work hard to attain it, you blabber about it continuously as if telling it to everyone will make a whole lot of difference. You try to flourish it by studying every details of your dream, every dots of it, every lines of it. You believe that everything will be at their right places, for believing is seeing. You work hard, there are sleepless nights, there are more caffeine circulating your body than water. You thought you can be whoever you want to be…

But then, just like the day of realization of dream, there comes the shattering of it. People will tell you that you don’t have what it takes to be who you want to be… because you are too young, or too small, or too big, or too white, or too black… or you will fail hard… and your dream will shatter before your eyes.

Then, you will hate yourself more than that person who’s trying to bring you down. You will hate yourself because you dream the impossible. You will hate yourself because you fail miserably. You will hate yourself because you wasted your time memorizing every aspect of your dream. You will hate yourself for believing that you can make it. You will hate yourself for being too confident with your dream.

Who are you now besides the dreamer you were? Who are you now? Where are you now?

So what if you can’t attain your dream from the conventional? So what if you start from the bottom again? Life is always like that… a starting over. If it does not work out today, why not try it in a different way? Try… fail… try again… and fail again… then try again. You fail today, so what? Maybe the result of your hard work may differ to what you expect. However, maybe, it is the best result it can be, the result you needed to have, the result you truly desire.

People try to bring you down, so what?Don’t be so hard to yourself. People will try their best to discourage you. Or some people will try to keep you inside the box. Let them. Let them just like you let yourself shine from the rest.

Yien 01.30.16
Inspired by the movie, Monster University

Wake Up Little Girl

Wake up little girl

Your father is waiting outside

Wake up little girl

You can twirl your dress under the sun

Wake up little girl

Tell me about your dreams

Wake up little girl

Does it make you grim?

Wake up little girl

Your mother is cooking

Wake up little girl

You can play at the sea

Wake up little girl

Tell me about the bleeding

Wake up little girl

Does it hurt to feel?

Wake up little girl

Now is the new sunshine

Wake up little girl

Yesterday ended already

Wake up little girl

Today is a new day

Wake up now

I thought we’re all in this together.

Yien 11.05.15 (late at night)

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Giving Up

They say, don’t give up. They say, giving up is for losers. However, there are circumstances one should learn to give up in order to move forward.

Give up now or you might as well learn the hard way. Yes, this is the opposite of what everybody tells us. They want us to keep on hoping that things will work out in the end. They want us to hold on. 

Yes, for most parts, we shouldn’t give up, we should hold on. But have it occured to your mind that NOT EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT? Not everything we hold tight in our hearts remain. Sometimes the only option we have is to keep moving forward, to let go, to stop hoping that circumstances will change.

Learn to give up. Learn to ungrip your hands from the hands that hurt you. Learn not to settle for anything less. Believe that you are worth more than the mediocre or violent relationship you have. Stop holding on to the idea that you can change a person. Because the fact of the matter is, we do not have the power to do so even if we are willing and eager. Believe that you are not less of a person when you give up.

Stop holding on to things that are dragging you down. Sometimes, the more we hold on, the more we hurt ourselves and the people who TRULY love us. It hurts to be hurt. But it is more painful to see the people who truly love you, hurt for you. The more we hold on, the more sparkle of our dream may die. It is painful to see our most precious dream to be blown away by the wind and leave us empty handed in the end.

Don’t be afraid to give up. I am not telling you to give up your life. I am telling you otherwise. In giving up, you will give yourself a space to breathe. You will begin to see the brighter side. You will learn that there are more people worthy of your heart. You will learn that there is a whole lot of dreams to dream of.

Last thing, know when to give up. Give your heart a break. It is not wrong to dream or love. But when these things are holding you down to be the best version of yourself, maybe it is time to give up, breathe and move forward.

Yien 10.24.15

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The Unicorn Road

It has been one year since I’ve finished the book, The Unicorn Road by Martin Davies. Until now, I am still in awe and I can still feel the heart ache brought by this book.

This quote still bringing me heart ache every time.
“Be careful of your dreams,” it told her. “You wish for freedom, you wish to fly. But the markets are full of caged birds. Take care, for in the Imperial City the lime is set thick upon branches. And I have watched lime birds struggle. They beat their wings and cry against the traps, betrayed by the weakness that tempted them to rest. They never fly again, though some almost tear off their legs in frustration at their capture. Do not be weak as they were. If all else fails, fly at the sun, for better to die in flames than live as I do, pinioned by my own regretting.”

…and the ending (no spoiler)- TOO.MUCH.HEARTBREAK.
I will never get tired of recommending this book to everyone. I think this is one of the most underrated novel of all times (or I am biased).
One day, I will read this again.

In Princess's Heart


After abandoning the book for 4 months. I got the courage to lie down in my bed and read it. Through the dusts and piled books, I picked it and finally opened it to read.

The Unicorn Road by Martin Davies entails the story of venturesome journey to the unknown and secrets which brings the people together in search for purpose, love and passion. It sets in the Medieval times when rulers, kings and popes are very powerful through gold, money and territory. This is a story of love, passion, cruelty, greed, honor and the power of one’s word.

The first time I read this book, I felt bored. It is because every sentence should be read in deep thoroughness and understanding. However, the second time I opened it, I let my eyes in it and read it as thoroughly as I can. And I was not dismayed. Every words…

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