Writing, Blogging & The World Unknown

Positive Julienne is back…. I think. Haha.

Every start of the year, I find myself really eager in writing down in a journal. Because I want to look back and see my life prior. However, I am having a hard time keeping it up. You know, life happens and most of the time, you want to just take a rest first and write later, then, voila, you forget all about journaling.

I know, blogging is equivalent to journaling. But being too personal on blogs is a no-no to me. I mean, would anyone like to know my every heart aches and heart breaks? My simple joys? I think not. Blogging only offers the superficial “deep-thoughts,” I mean there is a censorship when writing, you can be deep but you cannot be personal deep. Like here in my blog, I prevent from talking in Tagalog here. But my deepest thoughts are in Tagalog. I can’t tell people why I hate a certain situation because people might judge me.

Unlike, when writing it down in my personal journal, no censorship needed, no grammar checking. I can be grammatically wrong every now and then. I can use Tagalog. I can be as deep and as personal as I want to be. I can name names. I can talk to myself without censorship. I can judge a situation without anyone being hurt. But the catch is I AM TOO LAZY TO WRITE.

Then, today, I find out that journaling is one way of talking to God and a way for God to talk to us. I mean, sometimes, we don’t know why we are experiencing things that moment, but when we reread what have just happened to us, only then we can really understand God.

For me, good Christians journal. A listener, journals. Good leaders, journal. People who wants better life, journal.

I think everyone should write in a personal journal.

I remembered the time, when I wrote down something God wants me to know which was from God himself (you know that feeling when you know God is talking to you directly but not audibly? It is just like God is literally in your brain talking). Whenever I read that piece, I feel God is truly a personal God.

Yes, there are personal God moments when you journal, just listen and let God do the talking and you do the writing.

How about you, what are your journaling experience?

“…Keep my commandments and live, And my teaching as the apple of your eye. Bind them on your fingers; Write them on the tablet of your heart.

  • Proverbs 7:3


Yien 02.16.16

  • Inspired by my daily devotional, One Year Hearing His Voice by Chris Tiegreen





Be humble

Our God is a humble God (Psalms 113: 5-6). He delights in His child who stays humble even in the midst of many blessings and many trials.

When blessed, the child does not say, “I am blessed because I did so many good things unlike other Christian.” But says, “the Lord grants me all these, because He is a generous God and He blesses all who gives Him honor.”

When in the midst of trials, the prideful child says, “I did all the things you’ve commanded but You still does not bless me.” But the humble ones say, “I am not worthy to receive you Lord or any of Your blessings but I come here today to pray for wisdom in the middle of these all.”

So in all our ways, be humble and avoid prideful life.

Devotion on September 13, 2015

Caught in Between

There is a thin line between normal and abnormal. A thin line between sanity and insanity, genius and dunce. And a thin line between excellent and lukewarm.

These past few days I observed myself seeing others’ lukewarmness. They conform to what the world is offering. They go to the movie theatre to see what other people are talking about or because the actor is sexy or hot. They go worship idols. They go rebuke others’ values because it does not qualify on their worldly standard. And the list goes on and on.

It breaks my heart to see them settle for less, for things that I know they can excel but choose to stay lesser. What breaks my heart is they don’t know that their principles and values are being twisted by this world’s standard. For a person like me, it hurts for me because I believe in the potential of humans. That everyone has the capabality to dream, to be extraordinarily wonderful, to hold on to the principles and values they once have, to hold on to their faith, to live out the truth. But they settle to being lukewarm. They settle on the world’s standard.

Living out the truth is a YES or a NO, no MAYBE’s, just say Yes if you agree or No if you do not. There is no in between. We cannot be caught in between. Being in between is like being doubtful about the truth. You either fall in the pit of sin or doubt God’s existence.

The truth I am saying is, Jesus is the only way. There is no other way. Living out this truth is like walking in a snowy rocky mountain, hard but if you reach your destination, it is surely worthwhile. We are God’s, we are expected to be beyond this world. Even though it seems hard and tempting to be lukewarm, we are called to be excellent, to stand up to the Truth, to remain in God’s loving arms, to be ready for the battle of Truth against the world’s lie.

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All You Wanted is My Heart

Our life is a series of chasing. We chase for the future. We chase for love. We chase for our dreams. We chase for career. We chase for something we cannot have. We chase for our feelings to be satisfied. We chase life until we are left empty-handed. And the chasing becomes nonsense because we never get satisfied.

When we chase for ‘things,’ we can get tired and burdened in the long run. It is like chasing the sun, we chase but we never get there. The truth is in chasing what we want, we can lose ourselves. We can be rich in wealth but poor in spirit. We can be full but really empty. We can be happy but never joyous.

We chase material things without knowing that all we ever needed is in our grasps.
We chase for love not knowing that the love we need is already given to us.
We chase for the future when the fact is our future is already laid out.
We chase life not knowing that someone has already given his life in return for our life.
We chase what we want not minding that what He ever wanted is our heart.

“I was chasing healing when I’d been made well.
I was fighting battles when You conquered hell.
Living free but from a prison cell.
Lord, I lay it down today.
~All You’ve Ever Wanted, Casting Crowns”

Rest days are over

The holidays are almost over which means rest days are now in the verge of ending. For working adults, busy days are fast approaching. For students, classes will resume in just three days or so.

In these days where everything is fast phase, rest has been a privilege more than a necessity. People hurry everything, forgetting the essential of resting.

Why do we need to rest? Our physical body needs it. Our brain needs it. Our soul needs it. Not resting is like murdering yourself slowly. Stress, fatigue, sickness… name it and you’ll have it if you don’t take rest seriously.

On the 7th day of the creation, God rested. I think that is enough reason why we need to rest. I think even our Great Father needs rest to recharge. Creating a whole universe was I supposed very tiring, stressful maybe, even how much it brings joy to God, it was still stressful enough. And also He asked us to have a Sabbath day when we can’t do any work, a day for only rest.

Life is more enjoyable if we take some time to rest. But don’t forget to also work. God worked in 6 days, He rested on the 7th. Work and rest are the key to a balance life.

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I don’t take “no” for an answer. Why? Because if you can get a “yes,” why settle for a “no?”

But not everything in life is a “yes.” Not everything in life is a fairytale. Sometimes (and for most of us), we are entangled in a world of “no’s.” We all experienced rejections. And the feeling of being rejected is one of the most excuriating pain we may encounter.

There are so many no’s I have endured. And most of the time, I get depressed when things don’t go my own way. But I think God is making me realize how most of the time a single “no” may be a bunch of “yes-es” for another opportunities.

Every closed door is an opening for a beautiful door. Whenever we lose something is an opportunity to get a better thing. When something ended, some extraordinary will start. There’s a bunch of clichés I can quote. But one thing is for sure… God’s “no” is God’s “yes” to another beautiful adventure.

Happy Holidays everybody!

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The Reason Why We are Still Alive and Moving Forward

We all like to be complete, someone or something to sustain us. We thought by having the worldly things, we will finally see what we are dreading for.

One story struck me the most. The story of a father who makes his son’s life extraordinary. This father has a son with spastic quadriplegia and cerebral palsy. One day, the son told his dad that he wanted to run for a benefit race. However, with the son’s condition, the father felt that it was impossible. Yet, because of his love to his son, he agreed. That day they first ran together with the father pushing the wheelchair where his son was sitting. From that day on, they joined in several marathons, duathlons and triathlons. All for his son, he did everything.

Father and Son Marathon

This story of a father who can do everything for his son to sustain the incapability is also our story. Remember the time you just don’t have the strength to move on? Or the time you have done everything you can do but seems not enough? Or the time you just want to give up? There is Someone who make things possible and the reason why we are still alive and choosing to move forward. And that is our Father from above.

He loves us more than we can imagine. He loves us that even we fall down many times, He is willing to lift us up. He loves us that even we lose strength, He is willing to carry us. If you picture how the father in the story carry and push his way to enable his son’s wish to run — the love of God is a trillion times more than that.

Happy weekend everybody! 🙂

Loving your enemies

Someone oppressed you.
Someone called you a liar.
Someone slapped you in the face.
Someone was angry to you.
Someone has been your enemy.

Once in our lifetime, we came across difficult people. People who maybe a polar opposite. People who maybe has a very similar personality. These people have hurt us in different ways. Some of them became our enemies.

My week’s devotional is all about “loving your enemies.” And so many questions boggled my mind. How can I love my enemy? They became an enemy for a reason. What good will it do to me? I am not a masochist to endure them.

We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are different in our own way. We all have positive and negative attitudes. People may judge us whatever we do. But we should always remember this: God’s children are set apart, meaning, we are to love and not hate, because we are more than and beyond this world. When the world hates, we love. When the world hold grudges, we forgive. That’s how God’s children work… All with love! 🙂

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Trials of all kind

For the record, this is not the biggest trial I had in my life. What I am talking about was the minor operation I had yesterday. The initial finding was benign lymphoma but yesterday it turned out to be a hematoma.

However, it was not the biggest, it still affects me in a whole new level. I feel impaired, cannot function the same as before. But you know what I am thankful about this situation, I realized that this cannot shake me in any way.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” -James 1:2-4

Trials have made me who I am today. Remembering the past trials I had, those always bring a smile in my face. Why? Simply because those trials made me strong and unshakeable.

I also realized that God will not give us any trial that we cannot conquer.

“No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.” -1 Corinthians 10:13

Remember: Trials should not be feared most especially if you have a big God who’s in control of all.

P.S. Thank you to all people who pray and support me all the way. You are one of the reasons I am strong.

Cliché: Health is Wealth

They say health is wealth.

I agree. More than anything else in this physical world, the important thing is to treasure our health. Why? It is hard to live if you are sick. It is hard to do what you ought to do if you are sick. It is hard to be yourself if you are sick.

I remember several times in the past when my asthma attacked. One of those is when in the middle of an important national examination for third year high school students. At first, I felt ashamed because it was very quiet. Everybody was serious in answering the exam. Just imagine how quiet it was and I began coughing. So, the proctor decided to let me go to the clinic because I think I’m disturbing others and because I need to. It was ok with me but then I realized going to the clinic meant lesser time to answer the exam. I went back fast and answered the remaining (not few) questions. Good thing I passed that examination because if not I will be devastated.

Then I came into thinking, how many times should sickness hold me back to realize how essential it is to be in good health? How many important events of my life I should miss because of sickness? How many opportunities should I decline because of my unhealthy living?

Honestly, until now, I am still not taking good care of myself. I do not exercise. The only exercise I do is walking from my home to the office and from the office to my home. I do not eat the right amount of healthy foods. I am always sitting or lying in my bed. This is not a healthy way of living.

I think I should always recite to myself, health is wealth. As I’ve said in the last devotional from Refuel, we should not be lazy. And it is also applicable with this week’s devotional. If we are too lazy to take good care of our physical being, we let opportunity of flourishment pass us by.

Even how cliché it sounds, I will always remind myself that health is wealth.

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