What Does It Take to Start Over Again


Do we need a certain amount of courage to establish ourselves to move on? Or do we need just a little and start from there? Do we need to fully trust our vision? Or to trust it partly and wait for signs that what we are doing is right? Do we need to achieve a level of faith? Or a small faith would do?

“No, you cannot quit…” “No you cannot start over again because you only have one life, don’t waste it…” Books, movies, songs told me that. “Stay where you are, make that happen, you cannot reroute and start over again, you have wasted so much time…” And sometimes, I also hear my brain giving this pep talk to myself.

All our life, we are taught not to give up, to continue even how painful it is to continue. Because giving up is only for the weak, the coward and the light-hearted. No, we cannot give up because we only have one life to live, wasting time is not an option. If you have invested so much time on something, you should continue it even though your mind is telling you otherwise. Just because, you call yourself courageous.

But real courage lies in knowing the right thing to do; walking in faith without foreseeing the future; believing not on yourself but on Someone bigger than you; knowing that Someone bigger than you gives millions of chances, that it is okay to give up and start over again even how much you invested on that one thing you are not giving up on.

It is okay not to pursue your graduate course. It is okay not to finish a sentence. It is okay not to hold on to people that hurts you even though you love them so much. It is okay to let go of your plans that are not working out even how much you invested your time on it. It is okay to let go of your lifelong dream. It is okay to lose grip on what you are supposed to be doing. It is okay to give up. But also in giving up is a chance to start over again. It is okay to start over again; to pursue what God’s want you to do, to hold on to your life, to walk in faith with Him. You can start over and over again.

Yes, we only have on life and we should not waste it. Do you want to spend your one life continuing what you thought you want knowing that God has given you so much more?

So what does it take to start over again?

No it is not about huge amount of courage. It is more of one pinch of courage and whole lot of God.

Minor to Major

Life is ironic. Most of the time what we want is not what we get and we get something we don’t want. Or the most little things we do impact us. The truth is, we only need to embrace the irony.

We thought some action we do will never affect us in any way. But afterwards, we can feel its effect on us. Some minor actions can lead to major consequences. The words you say, the little squint in your eyes, that whispered words you utter, the thumbs down… anything can possibly lead to unimaginable consequences.

So what’s the point? All I am trying to say is, be careful. Be extra thoughtful to the words you utter. Be careful to any facial expression. Be aware of the actions you are doing. In the long run, it could affect in some ways. As Mitch Albom puts it, there is no random acts… we are all connected.” As Newton says it, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

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Demeaning Faith

Faith is more than religion.

In Princess's Heart

I don’t really get it when people try to demean other’s faith, specifically other’s religion.
I don’t get it.
Is it really necessary with people differing in religion to judge one’s faith?
I think not.
Faith is more than religion.
Many people have religion but does not have faith.
Many people who’s religious alters their faith with their religion.
But the truth is… FAITH is about the relationship one have with God.
You and God.

– A thought on November 9, 2013

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Ang Kape ni Itay (My Father’s Coffee)

Happy happy father’s day to all of you! Here’s a story written way back. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

In Princess's Heart


A flash fiction written 2 years ago, exactly February 15, 2011 as a seat work at school for our Retorika subject. It was written in Tagalog so I tried (well I really tried) to translate it in English.

“Itay nandito na po ako.” Dali-dali syang pumunta sa salas. (“Dad, I’m already here.” She hurriedly went to the living room.

“Gusto niyo po ba ng kape? Ipagtitimpla ko po kayo.” Pumunta siya sa kusina at nagtimpla ng kape. “May asukal po ba?” (“Do you want a cup of coffee? I’ll make one for you.” She went in the kitchen and made a cup of coffee for her father. “Do you want it with sugar?”)

“Ito na po ang kape niyo.” Ngumiti siya sa kanyang harapan. (“Here’s your coffee.” She smiles in front of her.)

“Alam nyo po ba, pinagtripan na naman ako ng mga kaibigan ko kanina.” Nangingilid ang luha…

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