Demeaning Faith

Faith is more than religion.

In Princess's Heart

I don’t really get it when people try to demean other’s faith, specifically other’s religion.
I don’t get it.
Is it really necessary with people differing in religion to judge one’s faith?
I think not.
Faith is more than religion.
Many people have religion but does not have faith.
Many people who’s religious alters their faith with their religion.
But the truth is… FAITH is about the relationship one have with God.
You and God.

– A thought on November 9, 2013

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The Unicorn Road

It has been one year since I’ve finished the book, The Unicorn Road by Martin Davies. Until now, I am still in awe and I can still feel the heart ache brought by this book.

This quote still bringing me heart ache every time.
“Be careful of your dreams,” it told her. “You wish for freedom, you wish to fly. But the markets are full of caged birds. Take care, for in the Imperial City the lime is set thick upon branches. And I have watched lime birds struggle. They beat their wings and cry against the traps, betrayed by the weakness that tempted them to rest. They never fly again, though some almost tear off their legs in frustration at their capture. Do not be weak as they were. If all else fails, fly at the sun, for better to die in flames than live as I do, pinioned by my own regretting.”

…and the ending (no spoiler)- TOO.MUCH.HEARTBREAK.
I will never get tired of recommending this book to everyone. I think this is one of the most underrated novel of all times (or I am biased).
One day, I will read this again.

In Princess's Heart


After abandoning the book for 4 months. I got the courage to lie down in my bed and read it. Through the dusts and piled books, I picked it and finally opened it to read.

The Unicorn Road by Martin Davies entails the story of venturesome journey to the unknown and secrets which brings the people together in search for purpose, love and passion. It sets in the Medieval times when rulers, kings and popes are very powerful through gold, money and territory. This is a story of love, passion, cruelty, greed, honor and the power of one’s word.

The first time I read this book, I felt bored. It is because every sentence should be read in deep thoroughness and understanding. However, the second time I opened it, I let my eyes in it and read it as thoroughly as I can. And I was not dismayed. Every words…

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An open letter from Mr. Right

Read: An Open Letter from Mr. Right

So, please wait for me. For your sake and my own, wait. Wait because God is telling you to wait. Wait because you have more growing to do. Wait because I have more growing to do. And wait because it will be worth it. Because at the end of the day, the reason I’m not pursuing you yet is because I’m just not ready. And the reason you’re not being pursued by me yet is that you’re just not ready. So join with me in individually submitting to God…Even if that means that there actually isn’t a Mr. or Mrs. Right waiting for us… Can we be ok with that? Can we trust God and be okay with whatever the outcome, knowing that we have already received all we need in His Son? That’s a hard question, but until you’re in a place where you’re okay with never getting married, you won’t be in a place where I will be able to pursue you.



Dear daughters of God,

Contrary to what you have heard, I do exist. I’m no fairytale hunk with big muscles and thing for chick flicks (although, I may or may not have a man bun). So, put your daydreams of love off to the side for a minute and let me tell you what makes me, “Mr. Right” and why people keep telling you to wait for me.

The first thing I really want for you to understand is that I was not born your Mr. Right. I promise we weren’t destined to cross paths and lock eyes from across a crowded room and fall hopelessly in love. God has been working in my heart for YEARS! Do you realize what was in my heart before Christ saved me?! Of course you don’t because we haven’t met yet, but I can promise you it is equally as crazy and sinful as…

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Reblogged: Boiled Down – My Beliefs

There was a beginning to everything sometime and somehow. Something must have happened or I would not be here and neither would you.

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Worshipful Wednesday: Lessons from the Past

Today’s world is no better than the past. It seems like what happened in the past is happening right this time. I fear that the world will fall like Sodom and Gomorrah. I fear that the world will be like Hitler’s time or the two World Wars. I fear that we, human beings, have reach the point where we do everything for the so-called freedom that the history will repeat itself. And we cannot do anything about it but be imprisoned by the “freedom” set by the world.

“The Word of God is our mirror and all of history testifies to His sovereignty and wisdom in the precepts and laws He gave to free us. Boundaries and limits were set to bless us, but man, tempted by the enemy to pridefully think he knew better, supplanted God’s truth and replaced it with lies. There is nothing new underneath the sun.”

Seeing Deep Blog by Denise Pass

Photo Credit: cover of book edited by Jon Quinn & Warren Berkley Photo Credit: cover of book edited by Jon Quinn & Warren Berkley

Psalm 78:2-7

2 I will sing a song that imparts wisdom; I will make insightful observations about the past.  3 What we have heard and learned–that which our ancestors have told us– 4 we will not hide from their descendants. We will tell the next generation about the LORD’s praiseworthy acts, about his strength and the amazing things he has done. 5 He established a rule in Jacob; he set up a law in Israel. He commanded our ancestors to make his deeds known to their descendants, 6 so that the next generation, children yet to be born, might know about them. They will grow up and tell their descendants about them.  7 Then they will place their confidence in God. They will not forget the works of God, and they will obey his commands.  8 They would not be like their ancestors– a stubborn…

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Will you wait….???

Sharing to everyone this entry of my co-blogger Rolain. All of our lives, we wait. We wait for the sun to shine, we also wait for the rain to stop. We wait for the train and we wait till it stops. We wait for world peace and we wait for love. We wait for dreams and promises to come true. We wait for forever. We wait. That’s everyone’s story. And we all know that WAITING is hard. Sometimes, we want to give up. But we need to keep moving forward and we need to keep our heart still… and hope that what we are waiting for will not take forever.


Be strong and let your heart take courage,

all you who wait for and hope for and expect

the Lord!

Psalm 31:24

If you think waiting on God is a walk in the

park think again……

If you have really waited on God you will

know the truth. It’s a fight to wait.

Psalm 31 captures it perfectly.

Waiting is not for the faint of heart.

The word says take courage!

There have been things I have been waiting

on God for. I have been waiting for months

and years! It’s been such a test. But do I regret

the wait? Not on your life. The waiting was needed.

It played an important part in my growth as a son

of God and it still does…..!

You see, waiting reveals where you are really

at with God. It reveals your heart.

The Israelites saw that they were in trouble.


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Lesson Learned (080813)

I was looking for something to reblog from my old post and I saw this. This was written one year and one day ago. Yet it still resonates through me until now.
Through all the pain and not-so-good circumstances that is happening to me right now, this is what’s left for me to do: TO TRUST GOD!

In Princess's Heart

Today, I learned that we should learn to trust to God. Whatever the circumstances are, we just have to allow what God’s want to happen. Because His plans are better than ours. We should just have to trust and learn to surrender it to Him. It may not make sense today but when you look back, you will learn that all circumstances has its own reasons. TRUST & SURRENDER, guys! 🙂


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Your Brain and How You Could Ruin It

I seldom re-blog or re-publish someone’s work here in my WordPress account. However, this day, this very day, I have stumbled upon a great article in LinkedIn.

This very article is what I really wanted to point out with my entry last May 8.

The Worst Thing You Can Do to Your Brain
(And Vice Versa)
Deepak Chopra MD (official)
Founder, Chopra Foundation
May 15, 2014

human brain

The brain hasn’t ever been unimportant, but it has risen to new heights in an age where neuroscience and genetics are sharply focused on it. We are gaining so much insight into brain processes that it’s easy to assume that the brain runs our lives. The truth is that each of us is the user of our brain, and as with any mechanism, the user’s intention makes all the difference.

There’s no need to get mired in the contentious argument over whether the brain is the mind or a physical representation of the mind. Without a doubt every person gives their brain input every day, and in return, the brain responds. In other words, you and your brain are related in a feedback loop. This feedback loop is so sensitive that it responds to every moment of life, including every experience, thought, feeling, and sensation you’ve ever had.

Which leads to a deep question. Are you in charge of the feedback or is it in charge of you? If you let your embedded memories and old habits have their own way, you can’t be in charge. Instead, you will automatically react to a wide host of new experiences as if they were the shadow of old ones. This results in a state I call stuckness, where the most precious ability to possess – the ability of free choice – has been taken away from you.
When you are stuck, the following results build up over time:
• You act thoughtlessly.
• You become blind to new input.
• You accept old output without question.
• Your brain keeps imprinting its old wiring deeper and deeper.
• You lose self-awareness.

Getting stuck is the worst thing your brain can do to you, and vice versa. The ultimate responsibility rests upon you, because you are meant to be the user of your brain, not the other way around. When a person isn’t stuck, there is a conscious attempt, year in and year out, to renew the feedback loop. To do this, the following pointers will help:
• Question your ingrained beliefs, prejudices, and assumptions.
• Keep lines of communication open with others.
• Encourage opinions from a wide circle of people.
• Respect and understand views that are the opposite of yours.
• Be aware of your negative emotions and work on them without blaming others.
• Value self-awareness and work to expand your awareness.
• Look upon your life as a continuing process of evolution.


None of this is new advice; it goes back thousands of years in the world’s wisdom traditions. The only new twist is that modern people want to see physical evidence before they accept the validity of what used to be called wisdom, and now advanced brain research has provided it. There’s no neurological term for stuckness, yet it is well established that the brain has natural plasticity – that is, it’s highly adaptive and sensitive to input from body, mind, and surroundings.
In a very real sense, you are creating the brain you are going to live with in the future, according to how you respond to life today. Stuckness represents a state of inertia; it says that you don’t value your personal growth as much as you should. The fact that the brain is crucial to a person’s evolution seems obvious, but in the past an inability to change was blamed on sin, laziness, lack of intellect, and genetic programming. In reality, volition – the ability to carry through the change you want to achieve – plays a major role. When we misuse the brain, every experience suffers, and that includes spiritual experience, which like every other kind depends on the brain to register it. No saint ever saw angels without the participation of the visual cortex.

Avoiding the condition of stuckness comes under the heading of self-care, which has become more and more important recently. There’s much to say about self-care, but the first and most important step is to take seriously your role as the user of your brain, a role with far-reaching implications.

What defines you?

We are not defined by this world but by Jesus Christ!
May this entry inspires all of us… 🙂

This is so wonderful. Got me teary-eyed! Very timely post!

DEFINED BY CHRIST Often times we allow everything in the world but Christ define who we are.

We allow our scars to define us; our pasts to define us; our background to define us; our self-esteem to define us; our bank account, home, and status to define us; our failures to define us; our self-image to define us; people’s opinion of us to define us, and we forget that none of these things have any say in determining our worth in this world.

All of these things may describe who we are and where we came from.

They may describe our reputation or our situation.

They may describe how we look and what status we have.

But no matter how important any of these things are in our life it is only Christ’s sacrifice on the cross that determines our immeasurable worth and defines who we are.

Here is a beautiful excerpt I…

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To Autumn

This story moved me. 😥

“…I learned something that day: to never let pass a moment that I will live to regret…”

My First Fantasy Novel


To Autumn,

Junior high school was something, huh? To anyone else, I would have been nothing more than a loser, lunching all alone at my Table of Solitude. But, not to you. Since I had found myself to be the odd one out, you were the first to invite me in from the cold shoulders and demeaning air that stirs around one of those empty tables.

You sat with the bad kids, but you never belonged there. No, I don’t know how you ended up there. A gorgeous amethyst cast before swine.  With courage and healing, you touched me, brought me in from the cold. With that single touch, you brought my eyes to you. But, whenever you glanced my way, I was shy and turned away.

I remember the day I sat across the table from you. We were surrounded by the others, too. When my drink slipped down…

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