Best of 2017 (Sort of)

To start, this blog is an online personal journal, so if you are reading this, I am warning you that this will be another nonsensical post, a waste of space and time.

17 Best Books I’ve Read So far… (or those books that really left me shattered or boggled and/or inspired).

  1. East of Eden by John Steinback (Read: May 2017)
  2. Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom (Read: June 2009 and re-read many times)
  3. The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis (Read: February 2014)
  4. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon (Read: December 2016)
  5. Para Kay B by Ricky Lee (Read: October 2010 and re-read many times)
  6. All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (Read: July 2015)
  7. Kane Chronicles: The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan (Read: October 2016)
  8. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (Read:  September 2015)
  9. The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis (Read: February 2014)
  10. Britt-Marie Was Here by Frederik  Backman (Read: June 2017)
  11. The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mitch Albom (Read: December 2013)
  12. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis (Read: June 2013)
  13. Si Amapola sa 65 Kabanata by Ricky Lee (Read: November 2014)
  14. The Unicorn Road by Martin Davies (Read: October 2014)
  15. Kung Alam Nyo Lang by Ricky Lee (Read: November 2017)
  16. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien (Read: January 2015)
  17. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (Read: April 2014)

17 Best Songs I’ve Listened to so far… (or songs that I couldn’t get over. It’s either I am speechless while listening to it or I would be dancing or singing my heart out)




Back to the Beginning Again

You’re halfway there. Halfway to your dreams and goals. Halfway to meet your future. Halfway to the fulfillment of things. Yet, in the middle of these all, you stop, thinking and even questioning, is this the right path for me? Is this what my heart truly desires? Then, you want to reset everything because you are too tired, because you are feeling there is something wrong, because you are afraid of what lies ahead. But no way you can go back to change what you’ve done, no way you can go back to the beginning again.

No, this is not a melancholic prose about change or about resetting life. This is about learning to let go of your fear, of your hesitations, to surrender all the things that is stopping you.

It is not enough that you dream or you have goals. It is not enough that it is clear to you. You need an extra amount of courage, an extra pint of hope and a lot of positivity. Because the truth is, no one ever got it far by mere dreaming and working. Because life is unfair. Life will bring you down whenever you are not ready. Life will let you believe that you cannot do it, that you are not good enough. Life will push you through your limits until what’s left is your broken dreams and your doubtful self.

When dreams are broken and you have your self-doubt, remember your ultimate purpose, remember why you do what you do. This are the exact moment to drive yourself back to your ultimate source of life. What drives you? What makes you get up in the morning? Think of those thoughts.

And then… let go. Let your fear fear you. Let your doubt doubt itself. Let your heart dwell in His loving arms.


Title and post are inspired by Switchfoot’s song: Back to the Beginning Again

2015 in Music

This is my first time doing this, summarizing my year in Music (as if I am a musician). I don’t know if you know that I love music (love is an understatement). Most of my time is spent in listening to good music.

2015 has been nostalgic in terms of music. Maybe because the recent pop music are full of crap. So the best thing would be to listen to old music (not that old ‘old’ but the old as in 2000 vibes) or to listen to not so popular song.

2015 Writing Playlist:

1. Runaway by Janet Jackson
2. Everytime by Janet Jackson
3. Together by Janet Jackson
4. Survivor by Destiny’s Child
5. Brown Eyes by Destiny’s Child
6. Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child (don’t be too judgmental, ok)
7. Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch
8. Breathe by Michelle Branch
9. All You Wanted by Michelle Branch
10. Bring Me to Life by Evanescence
11. My Immortal by Evanescence
12. Power of Two by Indigo Girls
13. Don’t Tell ‘Em Cover by Lorde
14. Don’t Dream It’s Over by Sixpence None The Richer
15. No Scrubs by TLC
16. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

I don’t know why I chose these songs for my writing playlist. Maybe because it brings back beautiful memories which elevate my brain cells.

2015 Feel Good Playlist:

1. Airplanes by BoB ft. Hayley Williams
2. Photograph by Ed Sheeran
3. Skip to the Good Part by He is We
4. Sad Song by Lenka
5. Heart Skips a Beat by Lenka
6. I Want You to Know by Zedd ft. Selena Gomez
7. Atin Ang Mundo by The Juans
8. Gold Rush by Ed Sheeran
9. Anything High School Musical Soundtrack
10. No Flex Zone Cover by Karmin ft. Watsky

2015 Heartfelt Playlist

1. Anything Switchfoot
2. Anything Flyleaf
3. Anything Paramore
4. Anything Ed Sheeran
5. Locked Away by R.City ft. Adam Levine
6. Breathe by He is We
7. Brave by Sara Bareilles
8. Along the Road by Karmin

2015 New Found Christian Band:

1. All Sons and Daughters

2015 New Found Singer/Band:

1. Alessia Cara
2. The Juans
3. Echosmith
4. Chvrches
5. He is We
6. Jess Glynne

Didn’t Know You

It is such a delight whenever I see people doing what they are passionate about. I can see their eyes twinkling like a new breed of happiness enter their souls. I can see a smile without hesitation. It is like their souls are with connection to another dimension. A new life springs within them and a soulful rendition of art begins. And as I see them, I can say that I did know them. I did know their hearts. I did know their souls.

Okay, this is such a melodramatic description of what I am feeling whenever I listen and watch the Karmin duo. They have so much passion whenever they are performing and singing: Amy’s passion in singing is priceless, so as Nick’s passion in instrument playing. Passion is written all over their faces.

Nothing beats boredom and writer’s block but a good music to sing along with. And Karmin duo can give you all the feels and can inspire you in a whole new different way.

Here’s their new single, Didn’t Know You, from their upcoming album, Leo Rising (well, this is not the official video):

Now I wonder, I have all these brain waves for this post but I don’t have the guts to start the article that I am suppose to be writing right now. Oh, well!

Some (Song)

Song written by yours truly

Please be reminded that I do not have a super duper good voice, just bear with me. I just want to share with you this song I wrote just today because of boredom. 😀

Please click the link below:

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Lyrics, Music and Life

Where words fail, music speaks.

-Hans Christian Andersen


I love to imagine this world filled of music, like in High School Musical. When words seem to be nowhere to be found, we’ll just sing along with the music playing on our background.

Music has its way of affecting our lives. Happy music makes us happy. Sad songs make us sad. Mad songs make us mad. Crazy songs make us crazy.

Life has more meaning when listening to music. However, we should be cautious on what we listen to. Have you ever listened to sad songs in a bright sunny day and all of a sudden you feel gloomy? That’s what I am trying to say.

You want to be sad? Listen to sad songs.

You want to be angry? Listen to loud and violent music.

You want to get confused? Listen to pop music that speaks rebellion and sexual immorality or songs with profane and nonsense words.

We really don’t like to be sad, angry and confused, right? Try to look at your playlist now. Which of the songs there are really making you feel negative? Contemplate. Then delete those! I know that it is hard to delete those songs, trust me! But I’ve been there, I deleted some of the songs which didn’t glorify God, it’s hard but it is worth it.

Don’t get me wrong; those kinds of music sometimes gave us the guts or an inspiration to write good songs, good novels and stories (most especially sad songs). If you don’t like to delete it, at least don’t put it on your daily playlist, put it on the “songs for inspiration of writing” playlist. I think that may do. But seriously, I don’t like to sound pushy but prevent yourself from listening to those.


“…guard what has been entrusted to your care. Turn away from godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge, which some have professed and in so doing have departed from the faith…”

– 1 Timothy 6:20-21



-my somewhat reflection for my weekly devotional of Refuel by Ru dela Torre

Halfway there…

We’re halfway there,
we’re looking good now,
nothing’s gonna get in the way,
We’re halfway there
And looking back now
I never thought that I’d ever say
We’re halfway there
We’re halfway there

It’s halfway near to the end of the year. And I’m really excited of what God is planning for me. I am looking forward in challenging myself and extending my faith. I can’t wait for the future. I wish it is August already.

Here’s a song for us!


“Life is a series of pulls back and forth. You want to do one thing, but you are bound to do something else.”

-Mitch Albom

This quote best describes what I am in right now. It is like there is no freedom. It is like I am bound to do my very best on things that I like very least.

So as the result of my melodramatic situation, I am in right now, this week I am drowning myself with songs that really speaks what I am feeling or songs that I like listening when in “i-hate-everything-phase”.


On my entry last April 24, I wrote about the song Company Car by Switchfoot. The song describes how a soul was lost because of his dreams. This is exactly what I am feeling. EXACTLY!


Another song of Switchfoot that I really like listening now-a-days is Twenty Four. When listening to this song, I imagine myself with the arms of God where my comfort is. With all the confusion and chaos of the world, it as if I find rest in His arms.


“I wanna raise pulses, La-chica with the most-est, not in the mood for the average Josephs. Coming unglued, baby this is explosive, explosive. I wanna raise pulses.” Karmin’s song Pulses is my comfort song right at this very moment. It keeps me upbeat and alive in the midst of this “i-hate-everything-phase.” I think it is because of its upbeat melody and of course Nick Noonan’s voice 😛 Plus the part when Nick Noonan sings… “Imma make sure that you feel alive (2x).” Yes Nick, I want to feel ALIVE!!!! So sing more, ok?


Another song I am listening to these days is Love’s to Blame by For King & Country. This is a song of letting go of the one you love even though you love each other so much because you know that you are not meant to be. No, I don’t know that kind of situation. Never been there and hope not to be there. However, the letting go part strucked me a lot. It is like even how much you love a person/a thing, if God said it is not His will, IT IS NOT! So learn to let go even how much it hurts. So much feels in it, so listen to this song please!!!


Have you ever questioned yourself about your purpose in life? Switchfoot’s song, Life and Love and Why is the best song (that I’ve heard of) which may depict all the questions on your mind about life and purpose. This is one of the songs that I really, really love. Because simply, it questions and more likely to crave for an answer.


Even where I am now, I am sure of this thing– there’s gotta be more to life. There’s gotta be more to life than chasing every temporary high, to satisfy me. Thanks Stacie Orrico for this song. It says it all!


Hey fear! You shouldn’t come back to me. Demi Lovato’s song, Shouldn’t Come Back, is like a bitter song of a girl to a boy who left her. However, for me it is deeper than that. For me, it is a song about not letting anything make you sad or hinder you to move forward. What makes me sad? Fear!


This list become so depressing. I think I’ll stop here. I have 24 songs that are on my list of this season’s favorites but I’ll end it first so that we could all digest the feels of these songs.


How was your week? What songs have struck you the most this week? Want to hear from you and let’s exchange notes. Want to know your “all-feels song”

Comment! 🙂

Ces’t la vie!

What is your dream life?

My dream life includes writing a best-selling novel or inspirational book, a really big house with 10 rooms, an owned business, an owned free library for all and last but not the least—comfort!

But are these worth it?

I have on my mp3 player the song of Switchfoot about having a dream becomes reality, the song is called “Company Car,” (Which, by the way, my favorite song for this season. It describes how his dreams draw him far from his purpose, values and principles in life. That he has the “company car” yet he doesn’t like himself. That’s the price to pay!

Having a dream life come true is not wrong. Yet, having it just for your own comfort… isn’t worth it. Sometimes, people whose dreams come true forget the sole purpose of their existence… TO GLORIFY GOD!

There’s nothing wrong in dreaming big since God is a promoter of excellence and God wants to show His greatness to His beloved children. However, if you lose yourself in the long run, if you lose yourself while reaching your dreams, you may not want the result of it.

Here’s my favorite line from the song “Company Car” (see full lyrics here):

I’ve got the company car.
I’m the one swinging at two below par.
Yeah, I’ve become one with the ones,
That I’ve never believed in.
But I’ve got the company car.

I always say, dream big, dream excellently, don’t be a mediocre because God wants us to be excellent in all our ways! But, we shouldn’t forget this:

In whatever we do, always put God first.

I am not to preach here because I’m one of them. I sometimes forget that the purpose of these all is God and Him alone. That we should connect with people just like what He did through Jesus, to see trees and all His creation, to attain greatness and not forget Him.

This entry is very close to my heart because in the past days, I felt like losing myself, that the only thing that keeps me going is the love of God and the excellence I am craving for. Like, I finally realized that I don’t like what I’m doing. When I was on my college days, I said that I would love anything that relates to my field of expertise (which is Psychology. By the way, I’m an IT Recruiter). However, the now seems too vague for me. I don’t know if what I don’t like is my job or the people around me or both or this is just another of that “I-hated-everything-season” (Well, this is another story). But whatever it is, this is not healthy to me and to my walk with God. I need to get my mind straight.

I don’t want to sound preachy or grumpy or moody or lonely in my post but because this is very close to my heart, I cannot help myself but to sound preachy, grumpy, moody and lonely at the same time. Sorry, I have a multiple personality (please refer to this entry). Haha!

And also, this should be my post for my reflection on Refuel but felt like it is out of context. So tomorrow will be it!

For now, Ces’t la vie!


There’s More to Life (A Song)

There’s more to life than what meets the eye
And everything is not what it seem
What can you do?
What will you do?
What can you say?
What will you say?


There’s more to life than a piece of cake
There’s more to life than a song you sing
A music, a tone, a melody
There’s more to life, there’s more to life, there’s more to life


Endless reasons to not doing anything
See that visions into the road
Watch and learn
Season to learn
That everything
has its reasons.


There’s more to life, there’s more to life
than a piece of cake
There’s more to life, there’s more to life
than a song you sing
A music, a tone, a melody
There’s more to life, there’s more to life, there’s more to life.


Have you dream
of the things you know you couldn’t have?
Have you wanted
all the money and the riches?
This what’ll say…
That there’s more than that
That there’s more than that
That there’s more…to…life

–A song written on November 27, 2013. Will be posting the whole song (hoping) but as for now, enjoy the lyrics!