Tough Times

…the silent hope that tomorrow will be more than okay, that tomorrow I will no longer be faking a smile, that tomorrow a single ray of light blinds the darkness inside.

…the melody of a simple song, a song that speaks right through the heart, a song of mercy, a song of redemption, a song that understands all the chaos in my mind.

…a simple word that says, “hi,” the feeling of being heard, the word that says “okay.”

these are those things that keep me going through tough times.




I wish we could bleed colors

instead of black and white hues.


The Voice

Learn to trust your voice

the sound that only your ears can hear,

the voice who says, “go on, find yourself,”

the voice that starts rumbling,

rumbling into the vastness of words.

Learn to trust your voice

the hoarse voice saying, “I can!”

the voice that keeps you awake at day,

the voice that reminds you when to eat and when to stop,

stopping at the beat of the heart.

Learn to trust the voice,

the stutter, the whisper,

the stopping, the breathing,

the pulling of syllables out of your mouth,

the beating and the leaving of words.

Be heard.


Right Here

I stopped telling myself to write,

Write words that don’t resonate;

Write words that sound like a gong, empty and only echoes.


I stopped telling myself to force life,

Force life to give the greatness I’ve always wanted.

Because life will not give me my heart.


I stopped telling myself to stop trying,

Stop trying to live and be alive,

Stop trying to give life.


I start telling myself to write words,

To write words that define the soul,

To write words that sound like a real voice.


I start telling myself to let life,

Let life give the pinch of hope I always need for greatness,

Let life seethe through my vein.


I start telling myself to truly live,

Truly live in the moment

Because right here, right now, is where I am alive.




Learn To Be

Learn to be alone,

to love the silence.

Learn to hit the rock bottom

and stand up again.

Learn to heal the brokenness yourself

alone and quiet.

Learn to know when to stop

be still and restart.

Learn to cry out loud

and laugh and sigh.

Learn to live for yourself

find within the joy you’ve lost

from looking for temporary happiness.


It’s Time

It’s time to grow outside, little rose.

Don’t let your thorns bind you inside.


It’s time to fly, little bird.

Don’t let the high fool you.


It’s time to laugh, sad clown.

Don’t let your mascara tears flow ‘til it drown you.


It’s time to be you.