Note to My Younger Self | 06 | 2012

“All endings are also beginnings.”

This is the part you have never expected… leaving. Leaving everything you are familiar with. Leaving your comfort zone once and for all. Leaving the one thing that made your life certain. Leaving the place you spent your 20 years of existence. But you needed to leave, you needed to move on, you needed to step out there and make the most out of your existence.

Graduation. You easily accepted the fact that one day, you would  be leaving the four corners of the room. You have prepared yourself to that and you were also looking forward to that. This was one of the endings you embraced wholeheartedly amidst all the uncertainties of the future.

However, one week after graduation, there was a shocking and frightening news. And this was the thing you have never expected. This made you question all the certainties you thought you knew. You needed to leave your hometown, the hometown you spent your whole life, the hometown you thought you would spent the rest of your life. And there ended your preconceived plan for your future.

But to all these, you learned that everything has its ending and every endings starts a new beginning.

First work. However of the doubt, you still pushed through. Even though you know to yourself that you were not cut out with this kind of job. It was a good start, you learned so much. Whoever you are now is the fraction of what you have learned from your first work.

But the biggest fraction happened on October 2012. It was the most unforgettable moment of your life. It was the most joyful beginning you ever have experienced in your life. It was the beginning of all beginnings. It was the most peaceful you have ever been since the leaving and since day 1 of your existence. This was the year you fully accepted Jesus as your Savior. It was sure life-changing. That day was the start of something new: new perspective, new values and a new you.

Dear younger self, thank you for holding on, for believing and trusting that endings can be beginnings too and for opening up your heart to this kind of beginning. Younger self, you have come so far, so far that I cannot contain how much change and wisdom you have gained. I seldom thanked you for all the things you have done, I always kick you and I am always hard to you. But younger self, remember this, you are strong enough to withstand the battles ahead, because I will tell you the truth, the battles are not yet finished, they are just beginning. Yield to God more, please do.

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Note to My Younger Self is a 12-week Sunday Series that aims to make sense of my past in order for me to move on to the present without extra baggage.

Quote: From Mitch Albom’s Five People You Meet in Heaven




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