Pushing on a Pull Door

Have you been in a position wherein you’ve been pushing on a pull door (literally and figuratively)? Funny, isn’t it? We keep on pushing even though there is a clear sign on the door that says “PULL”.

In its literal sense, it is funny and even entertaining. But when you dig deeper, it is frustrating. You know what you should do but you keep on doing what you are not ought to do. You know it, you are aware of it. But you keep on pushing, pushing and pushing, hoping that someday it will make sense, yet, it didn’t.

Many times, you have said that you will never ever push a pull door again. However, you are left with no choice but to push a little further because you thought this is good for your sanity. But, it isn’t, pushing suffocates you.

Maybe this time, just for once, you need to pull the pull door. Or maybe, you should find another push door and push it through. And maybe in finding, you will find yourself too.



What do you think?

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