Why I Seldom Talk About Art?

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Talking about art is way different from showing it. Showing it means people can only see the end result, an instagram-worthy result, with the right angle, right lighting and right filter… voila, a picture perfect art.


Little did you know the pain, the frustration, the stress and the never-ending voice of self-pity. Little did you know the frustration whenever the hands don’t cooperate. Little did you know the stress whenever the deadline is coming on. Little did you know how the voices can ruin an innocent art day. And little did you know the pain, physical and emotional, the pain of seeing other’s work and comparing it to yours, for yours is below par… So you beat yourself up, telling yourself you are not good enough , you are not cut out for this, you are simply disillusioned. These are hidden to all the eyes looking at the end result. 

And that’s why I don’t talk about arts that much. I don’t even call myself an artist. I can’t even distinguish colors of the same hue. I can’t even draw a straight line. I don’t have a professional training. Sometimes I want to delete all the traces of art on my IG feed, just because I feel I am not good enough for this.

The process is frustrating, stressful and painful. The process is tiring. I have once given up on arts. I told myself, “I will never ever draw or do any art.” But then, art has its way on finding its way back.

Even though I have a love-hate relationship with arts, it has been my refuge when words and sentences fail. It has given me freedom to be someone, to tell stories, to see the world in a different hue, to see the beauty of the world and to share God’s glory.

I could give you a lot of pep talks right now, but the only thing I could tell you that matter is this: TRUST THE PROCESS, even your hands don’t cooperate, your self-pity is growing, your frustration is at its peak, and the pain is unbearable. Just trust the process!


I will not post a Sunday Currenty feature today. Unfortunaletly, I decided to post a Sunday Currently only once a month because it is taking up most of my blog. But if you want to know what I am currently up to and what it is like to be inside my thoughts, you could follow me on my Twitter account (@yienxa25).


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