Sunday Currently | 04

Sunday Currently(1)

Hello there! It’s been two weeks since the last time I wrote a Sunday Currently feature. For those of you asking (are there?), I deliberately did not post a Sunday Currently because of life. There has been changes which my mind should further ponder. But I will tell you about that some other time (or not).



Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan. Well, I love mythology.


a Sunday Currently feature, obviously. Oh, and I should be writing for my guest blog post right now. But, no, I haven’t started yet because….PROCRASTINATION!


What’s Up Ahead by Yeng Constantino and her husband Yan Asuncion. I haven’t heard it for awhile.

Just so you know, my SD card was corrupted last week, so all of my music was also corrupted. That’s why last week was very stressful for me. Music is life!


Nothing. But I just finished watching Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. I have read the book 3-4 years ago and I can’t vividly remember the details of the book. But man, the series was too dark, too vivid, and too real. There were no pretensions, no sugarcoating, no romanticizing of suicide. It depicted what this world is trying to hide: sexual harassment, bullying, slut-shaming, rape, victim-blaming, and suicide. I don’t know what have I just watched. It’s just insanely good and ugly at the same time. Oh don’t get me wrong with the word ugly, what am I trying to say is the series was too real that it concretely depicted the ugliness of the world we live in.


of 13 Reasons Why, life, death, frustrations, words, being kind, earthquake, arts, relationships, how could I spend 1,000.00 pesos for 3 books, travel itinerary, my phone always hanging, my blog, the guest blog post I should have been writing right now, holy week… I mean, I think a lot.

  • Life & Death

I’ve already talked about this from my previous posts. But until now, life and death seem too mysterious for me. I know, life is ephemeral and such. Death is the end of all of us. What you do in between them is what matters most. But how could we accept certain facts like death? We live, we die, and now what?

  • Frustrations

In between life and death is a lot of frustrations. I know I can handle it. But how about the others, can they?

  • Words and Being Kind

Words left unsaid even you mean well or you are just too afraid to voice it out, unkind words uttered even as a joke… they all can make or break a person. Everything is a ripple effect. What if that certain word you are not voicing out, is the only word a person need to go on with life? What if?

  • Earthquake

Yesterday, I have felt 5 earthquakes and that was terrifying. So now, I am thinking, what was going on?

  • Relationships

I am thinking how on earth I am trying hard to be relatable but end up not being one. Maybe I’m like Clay (reference: 13 Reasons Why), coward and clueless. It’s just so hard being of this world. But don’t get me wrong again, I am just wondering why am I not relatable enough.


a bookstore smell. I realized my room smells like a library/bookstore and I love it.


for the safety of everyone. Really I am boggled by the frequent earthquake.


the usual pambahay, white shirt (a souvenir from Baguio) and black shorts.


for answers to questions.


the fact that I am alone and I can hear Ed Sheeran’s voice while writing this particular sentence.


a sleep. Yes, I’ve been sleeping a lot lately but also I’ve been getting up too early than my usual waking hours. It’s been two weeks since the last time I completed an 8-hour sleep. I don’t know what’s up but I think there is something wrong but I cannot point it out.


everything at once and for the first time, I am glad that I am feeling a certain kind of emotion. Because this only means that I am alive. Well, I am very overwhelmed of what I just have watched, you know, the topic of depression and suicide are overwhelming enough which I am glad I am not experiencing even though life is hard most of the time.

So… this entry is kind of depressing but I suppose I am really hit by Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why.

Here’s a quote I remembered from the book The Unicorn Road while watching TRW:

“But your little words do just that, don’t they, Venn? They order the acts that set in course events that can never then be undone. They make it all happen. And people die in agony because they will not say the little words required of them. Or they die because they say the wrong words, or just because they’ve never been taught the words that will save them. The power of kings is nothing to the power of those words you deal in.”

“When words are your daily currency, it can be easy to forget their power.”

The Unicorn Road, Martin Davies


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