Scroll down. Like. Read. Share.

Scroll down. Judge. Click. Like. Share.

Scroll down. Like. Comment. LOL.

Scroll down. New feeds. Click. Refresh. Scroll down.

A month full of scrolling down. Like a Zombie in a new era of technology plague. I can’t stop. I tried to and still am trying. But to no avail. I’m still scrolling down. Scrolling down until my shoulder hurts, until my arms can’t take no more, until my eyes get sprained from all those eye sore (mind sore) status ranting. Instead of a zombie running for brains, I am running for “connection.”

Books piled up on my bed wanting to be read by their master. Oh! What have I done? I abandoned my love of reading for Social Media? This is not me, not my normal me. I supposed I’ve been hypnotized by a several likes, shares and somewhat superficial connection between “friends.”

Is this a part of me wanting to please everyone? To be relatable? To relate?

Is this a part of me wanting answers to life questions?

Oh! I need to stop this addiction while I still can. I need to stop this madness. I need to stop this zombie-fication. I want out of this machine. It doesn’t feel like freedom.

Yien 081416


One thought on “Zombie

  1. Well, I could recommend two books. It’s by Osho, an Indian mystic and guru. That is, if you’re into spirituality, meditation, and self-discovery literature. Osho is a bit of a controversial guru down there in India. But I like his works, and I have a tarot deck that’s derived from Zen Buddhism and from his works.

    And yeah, we all need to have an “online diet” once in a while. πŸ™‚

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