Be Still

 Quiet and be still, God has already overcome the world. Take heart and have faith!

This pretty sums up the 3 day-yielding-more-to-God’s-presence-mid-year-sesh.

Every mid-year, I reevaluate myself, where I am, how’s my heart, how’s my relationship with God. And to tell you frankly, I think I am not in the right frame of heart.

I was very frustrated with my life… too frustrated in fact. I, for once, did not have some encouraging quotes to tell myself. Even my ever reliable fave verse in the Bible couldn’t encourage me. No Galatians 6:9 or even Joshua 1:9 could even make me leap for joy. Because somewhere in the middle, I felt I am slipping away.

Can I be true for once? One uneventful day in a non-suspicious day, there came to my mind questions that I know I should not be entertaining, I ask myself, “What if I am an atheist?” “What if I do not believe in God?” “What if I just stop believing?” “What if, what if?”

Yet… I still choose to believe because I deeply believe in Him. I believe He created human and all those beautiful things. I believe in Him in such a way I cannot explain.

I still have many doubts. Everyday I read the Bible until I drown into sleeping. Nothing. God was not speaking. My heart has begun to wonder… questions, questions, questions… too many questions.

I was praying to God about many things… As in many: the visions He has for me, if what he told me the past years is ever true and really happening. It is frustrating that nothing is happening, dreams that have not translated yet to reality. I know, Jeremiah 29:11… But still!

Then midyear prayer and reflection came:

Take Heart and Have Faith

1st day of midyear prayer and reflection:  Take heart and have faith. God didn’t give you that particular vision to frustrate you. But to keep you going and learn to YIELD to Him more.


Quiet and Be Still

2nd day of midyear prayer and reflection: Don’t be afraid just believe. Quiet and be still. With many things distracting you, it is hard to quiet down and be still in His presence. But He commanded you to be quiet and be still for a reason. May be by quieting, you can hear most of His voice, His answers, or even the stories He wants you to hear. You are too afraid to be idle that you forget that His only loving presence will satisfy.


He has Overcome the World

3rd day of midyear prayer and reflection: Overcoming the things and battles you thought you’ve already overcome. Remember, God already overcome the world. The only thing you need to do and have is faith with His mighty power and love.


I am stupefied. For so long, I’ve been waiting for answers to those questions in my heart. And God answered: Quiet and be still! I have overcome the world. Take heart and believe! Only dare to believe and God will surely unfold what’s in store for you.

Trust the process. The process is, most of the time, tedious but it will be worth in the end.



5 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. Hi there, Julienne! I “stumbled” (there are no coincidences, just God incidents) on your blog while doing some research on “Be Still”. My blog is completely devoted to this verse (Psalm 46:10) – perhaps it would be an encouragement and blessing to you > Meanwhile, I too had questions many years ago, and Jeremiah 29:12-14 was what God used to reach me: “Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart..”.


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