Trust the Process

I remembered the first time I tried hand lettering: I thought my lettering was good enough, I think it was okay, not pretty but acceptable to post in Instagram. But when I look back now, I just can’t look at my first lettering. I just can’t. It is one of my many regrets in life.

This was my first publicized hand lettering. Yikes! -_-

I know, I know… it was not pretty. I don’t know how come I have the guts to post or even to try more. But Abbey Sy (a Filipino letterer and my inspiration), says, “Practice makes progress.” So I tried, I continue…

I’ve practiced a lot. I allotted most of my time lettering. Even at work, I have my watercolor, water brush and other art paraphernalia with me.

Songs #practicing #calligraphy #lettering #art #music

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#lettering #calligraphy #art #practice

A post shared by Julienne Ramos | Philippines (@willowonders) on


I will admit, this is not in par of any letterer I follow in Instagram. Yet, I am happy to know that I am progressing. See the first photo in this entry… it’s a blah compared to the ones in the latter part.

Prior to this lettering mania I am now in, I once believed that PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. But I was wrong. Nothing is perfect in this world. So no, practice does not make you perfect or your craft. What practice does is make you progress, develop. It is better to say  PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS.

As much as I want to say that I am a pro, I came into a realization, that lettering is a long process. It is not an overnight process. It is not instant. Lettering is a process which I need to undergo to be better. Well, most of the things/circumstances here on earth is a process.

It took me couple of months or more than that to achieve these:

I know I have a lot of things to improve still. Sometimes, I feel too sluggish to continue because I just can’t seem to see any light compared to Abbey Sy. I mean she’s the goddess of lettering. And my lettering is such a mediocre one. But whatevs, I am still loving the progress, the process and the patience I learned through all these.

Abbey Sy always say, TRUST THE PROCESS. And, oh! The Bible also says that there is a proper time for everything (Ecclesiastes 8). So I trust that everything will fall into the right place at the right time. Just for now, I will trust the long process lettering is taking me.

And I am just so thankful that God has given me the gift of art.


This post is written because I don’t have anything to blog. 🙂



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