7 Things My Father Taught Me (Post Father’s Day Thought)


I never had a deep conversation with my earthly father. Never had he advised me of anything directly. But, what he doesn’t know is that he taught me many things in life.

(1) My father taught me to be angry. Angry to injustice. Angry to impartiality. Angry to things I should be angry about.

Anger is the right response to something that is so wrong. – The Shack, William Young

(2) My father taught me to respect. Respect the elders. Respect authorities. And most of all, he taught me to respect my mother.

Respect your mother more than me. – My father, every time one of us argues with my mother

(3) My father taught me to be prudent. Prudent about things. Prudent about money. Prudent about the things I worked hard for. If he could recycle things, he will. Well, that’s why I am “thrifty” FRUGAL!

(4) My father taught me to protect everyone I love.

I remembered that time when my father saw me crying in a food court. He asked me why. I said, I had an argument to a guy who whined about me being there at his table. You know, what he did, he looked for that guy. I was thankful that the guy wasn’t there anymore because if he was there, he would see a father in his volcanic eruption.

(5) My father taught me to halt. Halt when I know that I will never win an argument. Halt when life slaps you in your way. Halt when things go wrong.

He never won any argument with my mom. In that case, he just shut up and listen to my mother.

(6) My father taught me to accept things as they are.  Accept life. Accept consequences. Accept failures.

(7) But most importantly,  as much as I need to accept failures and consequences as it is, my father also taught me to go on, not to give up, not to drown myself with things I cannot control.

Many failures and problems have come my family’s way. My father faltered in a moment, but through his acceptance of the situation and his unending care for us, he got up and get back to the real world.

My father, through his actions, reminds me to keep moving forward. He reminds me that love is not only a noun, but a verb, an action word. He reminds me that in this conditional world, we can still find unconditional love (with a mixture of whining on the side. hehe!).

Belated Happy Father’s Day!



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