Moving On… The KonMari Way

This month I will be starting some new feature in my blog. I would have liked to start it by July, however, the impulsive me gets in the way, voila, here’s June’s Book of the Month.

I know it is too early for June but I cannot help but share with you this book I have read.

This is Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.”

So going back, in this feature, instead of reviewing the books I’ve read, I will be telling you how it affects me.

So here it goes…

Imagine this, you enter your room/house and it dawn on you that your room/house is very untidy. There are clutters everywhere. There are many unnecessary things around. Then, you question yourself, why are these things even around? Why you keep on accumulating things which you aren’t using? Why you keep on storing things which are only nuisance in your home?

This is what I am feeling while and after reading the book. Actually, it made me anxious… Oh to be exact, VERY ANXIOUS. That is why, after reading this book, I immediately tidy the house (we have a very small house). And guess what, I was only organizing clothes but there are all in all 16 bags I’ve discarded and put in a donation box. Yes, that’s how untidy our home is. There is no wonder, why people here are always irritated and hot-headed. Imagine a house that is cluttered, it is irritating I can tell.

In KonMari Method, the key to discard and organize your home is to ask yourself,

is this thing I am holding sparks joy?

If not, say goodbye to that thing and discard it. It is no way you should keep those which are not making you happy… Even it is still useful or comfortable or memorable. If it does not spark joy, DISCARD it.

Well, life is like that, I think. Many things in life does not spark joy. May it be people, thoughts, dreams, mundane things. But we keep on accommodating those people and those thoughts. We keep on holding to that dream. We keep on doing the mundane things. Why? Maybe it is comfortable that way. We may feel secure that way. But in return, it is only making us anxious. It drags us down. We cannot be our full potential, if there are some things that are weighing us down. I am not saying that those things did not help you up but what I am saying is that their purpose have already been accomplished. Now, it is time to move on… the KonMari way. Ask yourself if it is still making you happy. If not, time to discard.

If we keep on being a minimalist, lessening things we accumulate, we can easily see the things which are important, things we admire the most, things we truly value. That way, we can become who we really are.

P.S. I have learned many things reading this book, from practical to the deepest of thoughts. Maybe I can share it to you soon.




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