My Mother is not Superwoman (A Post Mother’s Day Thought)

My mother is not a superwoman.

It was April 13, 2016 when mother had an accident. Her wrist bones had been dislocated while her palm bones cracked. She needed to have a major operation.

That’s when I realized, my mother is not a superwoman.

Back before the accident, my mother seems invincible. She always tries to flex and extend her strength. If it can be done, she will do it immediately. But yet again, in every invincible person is a set back. Human tends to become weary and human is not accident-free. She’s not a superwoman after all.

Hence, even though my mother is not a superwoman, she is indeed an extraordinary woman. Imagine, looking and thinking where to find finances and cooking for a small business and after work, she’ll do household chores by herself. Then, thinking a lot of things, like the whereabouts of her children, what to cook and many more. Imagine that. That’s a lot to handle for a woman or even to any human being. But my mother did it.

Fast forward, today, I can feel my mother’s burden. Back then, after her long day work, she still managed to do household chores efficiently. Now, me and my father do it and still we can’t even level to the cleanliness and efficiency of my mother. Admittedly, we whine a lot.

Even though there are setbacks, my mother is still the mother I’ve always known… that efficient and worrier mother. However, she is still not a superwoman.

Yes, she is not a superwoman. And I am okay with that. Because my mother is greater than any superwoman… she is a Mother, the noblest vocation a human can ever dreamed of. She is my mother and that is more than enough.

Yien051116 I do not know if she will read this.

I did not greet my mother last Mother’s Day. It is not that I do not love or do not appreciate my mom, but I am not really fond of celebration and greetings.





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