Vote for your Candidate & I will Vote for Mine

What if all the sparkle fades? And what left on us is the mere fact that the candidates are all human beings: prone to faults, prone to broken promises, prone to whining?

10 days to go, election day is fast approaching. However, I am still undecided who to vote. And I know most of you are in the same page.

As of this writing, only two remains in my Presidential list, the “Iron man” and the “Iron lady.” Both of them are known to be a fighter for what is right. Both of them have the guts to tell you, you are wrong. Both of them have strong personalities. Both of them have the right qualifications for the Presidential position.


I would love to go for the “Iron Man,” he  might be the radical change, the Filipino people are waiting for. He is an unconventional man, an out-of-the-box leader. Maybe what this country need is someone like him. He is a LEADER. Yes, a LEADER. A president should know how to lead. Filipino people do not need unfeeling President. We need someone who is empathetic enough to claim what is right for the people. And that’s him. Yet, I have doubts, many doubts about him that I cannot describe. What if he’s not the person we know? What if he is just a sparkle of black dust? What if there’s blackness in his golden suit? What if all is shadow?

And there’s the “Iron Lady.” She is the most intelligent person in the Philippines that I know of. She has the integrity. She is experienced. She knows the in and out of the constitution. She knows the economic side of the country. I like to see her in the Presidential seat and see what she can change in the Philippines. However, she is battling cancer. She is out of breath whenever speaking. She is not in the prime of her health. And to be honest, I can’t see a LEADER in her. Yes, she is beyond excellent in legislation. But that does not mean she is a LEADER.

I get the platform of the “Iron Man” that if there’s no drugs and criminality, our country will live in harmony and peace. That the economy will rise. That everything will be good at the end. For him, the root of poverty is drugs and criminality. But, it cannot be solved if the politicians under him are the same politicians who finances the drug lords and the criminal masterminds.

So I would say, I will go for the “Iron Lady” in that case. She is against the corruption in the government. She has exposed many government officials for practicing corruption.

If the “Iron Man” is not running for presidency, there will be no doubt that I will vote for the “Iron Lady.” I think I am blinded by the sparkle. Maybe, I am blinded by the marching band in front of me.

But one thing is for sure now, I will vote for a person who has no self-entitlement; who knows how to hear the woes of his/her people; who knows the root of the problems; who, in the end, does not only sparkle on the outside but also inside.

We have this candidate who is an unlikely leader but did what a leader should be doing.

Yet we have this candidate who is decent enough bu did less what is expected of him.- thought 042716



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