Throwback: Heart’s Rainy Day

Ok… because it’s Friday and I don’t have any prepared blog post for today, this post is a recycled one from my Facebook notes. *Curse this writer’s block.*

The poem below was written almost 5 years ago. I can still somewhat vividly remembered where, why and when I’ve written this.

When: May 9, 2011 (Monday), one summer evening

Where:  I’ve written this at the back of my pink journal notebook in our family’s salas.

Why: Because it was summer then but in the evening, the rain poured so hard and I do not have anything to do except write something.

Without further ado, here it is:

Heart’s Rainy Day

It’s a season of warmth but it’s raining.

There’s lot of reasons to smile but you’re frowning

Heart is made to love but you’re hating

You said that your wonderful life is so boring

You didn’t see the light that is coming.

Now you are living a life like you’re losing.

Just stand up, relax and be you to win it.

Photo not mine. Thanks Pinterest!

Instead of being melodramatic that time, I resolved on writing a mini poem.


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