Back to the Beginning Again

You’re halfway there. Halfway to your dreams and goals. Halfway to meet your future. Halfway to the fulfillment of things. Yet, in the middle of these all, you stop, thinking and even questioning, is this the right path for me? Is this what my heart truly desires? Then, you want to reset everything because you are too tired, because you are feeling there is something wrong, because you are afraid of what lies ahead. But no way you can go back to change what you’ve done, no way you can go back to the beginning again.

No, this is not a melancholic prose about change or about resetting life. This is about learning to let go of your fear, of your hesitations, to surrender all the things that is stopping you.

It is not enough that you dream or you have goals. It is not enough that it is clear to you. You need an extra amount of courage, an extra pint of hope and a lot of positivity. Because the truth is, no one ever got it far by mere dreaming and working. Because life is unfair. Life will bring you down whenever you are not ready. Life will let you believe that you cannot do it, that you are not good enough. Life will push you through your limits until what’s left is your broken dreams and your doubtful self.

When dreams are broken and you have your self-doubt, remember your ultimate purpose, remember why you do what you do. This are the exact moment to drive yourself back to your ultimate source of life. What drives you? What makes you get up in the morning? Think of those thoughts.

And then… let go. Let your fear fear you. Let your doubt doubt itself. Let your heart dwell in His loving arms.


Title and post are inspired by Switchfoot’s song: Back to the Beginning Again


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