Time and Sacrifice

You know what’s the most sacrificial thing you can do? To share something you value so much. To share a part of yourself. To share yourself to others.

This past week, my life shattered before my eyes. My supposed to be uneventful life turned into chaotic, mix up life. Priorities and plans have been altered to fit my current situation.

Before those things (read my previous post), my weekends were spent doing some calligraphy arts, reading, sleeping, writing and watching Nickelodeon series. Now, most of my time is used in resting from doing household chores (which I don’t usually do), bathing my mother (since her arm is injured) and being idle (too exhausted to even think).

Then it hit me, this year is supposed to be the Year of Gratitude. Tell me, how can a person be thankful in the midst of chaos? Yet, I choose to be thankful. I realized that God is using this situation to further tell me how to be thankful to things that are in front of me.

God is using TIME (a valuable part of my sane existence) to teach me about sacrifice. As you can tell, I value me-time. I don’t want people (even those close to me) to meddle every me-time. Plans and priorities are all set. No one can bend those. But, last week has been a test of time and even currently, it is still a test. Right now, I cannot own my time. I need to share my time with others. I need to sacrifice a part of my time to others. People may think that sharing time is easy, but as for me, it is not. And God is working on that.

The lesson I learned from my current situation: be ready to share a part of yourself to others. Be ready to sacrifice what you value the most. Remembering Jesus who gave up His life at the cross should empower us to surrender and give up things for the sake of the goodness of others. Sacrifice this lenten season is not about traditions but it is about giving up the things you value for God.


What do you think?

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