Writing, Blogging & The World Unknown

Positive Julienne is back…. I think. Haha.

Every start of the year, I find myself really eager in writing down in a journal. Because I want to look back and see my life prior. However, I am having a hard time keeping it up. You know, life happens and most of the time, you want to just take a rest first and write later, then, voila, you forget all about journaling.

I know, blogging is equivalent to journaling. But being too personal on blogs is a no-no to me. I mean, would anyone like to know my every heart aches and heart breaks? My simple joys? I think not. Blogging only offers the superficial “deep-thoughts,” I mean there is a censorship when writing, you can be deep but you cannot be personal deep. Like here in my blog, I prevent from talking in Tagalog here. But my deepest thoughts are in Tagalog. I can’t tell people why I hate a certain situation because people might judge me.

Unlike, when writing it down in my personal journal, no censorship needed, no grammar checking. I can be grammatically wrong every now and then. I can use Tagalog. I can be as deep and as personal as I want to be. I can name names. I can talk to myself without censorship. I can judge a situation without anyone being hurt. But the catch is I AM TOO LAZY TO WRITE.

Then, today, I find out that journaling is one way of talking to God and a way for God to talk to us. I mean, sometimes, we don’t know why we are experiencing things that moment, but when we reread what have just happened to us, only then we can really understand God.

For me, good Christians journal. A listener, journals. Good leaders, journal. People who wants better life, journal.

I think everyone should write in a personal journal.

I remembered the time, when I wrote down something God wants me to know which was from God himself (you know that feeling when you know God is talking to you directly but not audibly? It is just like God is literally in your brain talking). Whenever I read that piece, I feel God is truly a personal God.

Yes, there are personal God moments when you journal, just listen and let God do the talking and you do the writing.

How about you, what are your journaling experience?

“ā€¦Keep my commandments and live, And my teaching as the apple of your eye. Bind them on your fingers; Write them on the tablet of your heart.

  • Proverbs 7:3


Yien 02.16.16

  • Inspired by my daily devotional, One Year Hearing His Voice by Chris Tiegreen





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