Beauty and the Uglies

I do not like to be a Christian who only sees the beauty of the world. But I want to be a Christian who sees the ugly and make it beautiful.

The world is indeed beautiful. Have you seen how the sun rise? Or the color of the rainbow after a hard rain? Or the flower budding in an early morn? Have you heard the children’s giggle while playing? Or the adults’ insistent storytelling of love? The world is beautiful and so is life.

Yet, we cannot deny that in every beautiful sun rise is the shadow hiding the real world.  The world is as ugly as it is beautiful. With the corruptions, selfishness, global warming, suffering, inequality, injustices and the list goes on.

We could be out of faith because of this reality. We could doubt every aspect of beauty because of the ugliness. We could ask God as to why there’s a need to suffer. We could but that is not the intellectual thing to do, that is not the way we should go. Yes, we cannot erase the suffering, the injustices, the inequality. But what we can do is to beautify every suffering, every injustices, every inequality. We could celebrate with our suffering since it does not hold us down, we keep on moving forward.

What I am trying to say is, even in the ugliness of things, we can still hold to its beauty. Hence, do not deny the ugliness, invest on it. Make it beautiful. Make it different.

To deny the ugliness of this world, is to deny living in this world.

Yien 01.31.16
Inspired by the book, A Good and Perfect Gift, Amy Julia Becker


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