Mike Wazowski


When you were young, you dreamed of so many things. Then one day, just like a spark, you realized your ultimate dream, the ultimate dream of dreams. You work hard to attain it, you blabber about it continuously as if telling it to everyone will make a whole lot of difference. You try to flourish it by studying every details of your dream, every dots of it, every lines of it. You believe that everything will be at their right places, for believing is seeing. You work hard, there are sleepless nights, there are more caffeine circulating your body than water. You thought you can be whoever you want to be…

But then, just like the day of realization of dream, there comes the shattering of it. People will tell you that you don’t have what it takes to be who you want to be… because you are too young, or too small, or too big, or too white, or too black… or you will fail hard… and your dream will shatter before your eyes.

Then, you will hate yourself more than that person who’s trying to bring you down. You will hate yourself because you dream the impossible. You will hate yourself because you fail miserably. You will hate yourself because you wasted your time memorizing every aspect of your dream. You will hate yourself for believing that you can make it. You will hate yourself for being too confident with your dream.

Who are you now besides the dreamer you were? Who are you now? Where are you now?

So what if you can’t attain your dream from the conventional? So what if you start from the bottom again? Life is always like that… a starting over. If it does not work out today, why not try it in a different way? Try… fail… try again… and fail again… then try again. You fail today, so what? Maybe the result of your hard work may differ to what you expect. However, maybe, it is the best result it can be, the result you needed to have, the result you truly desire.

People try to bring you down, so what?Don’t be so hard to yourself. People will try their best to discourage you. Or some people will try to keep you inside the box. Let them. Let them just like you let yourself shine from the rest.

Yien 01.30.16
Inspired by the movie, Monster University


4 thoughts on “Mike Wazowski

  1. This is exactly my present situation: when I was in college, my ambitions were bigger than reality. But now there’s this painful laziness: I’m not moving. The fire has gone. I have to rekindle it.


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