Live as if…

I will not tell you to live like there is no tomorrow or live like it is your last. I will not tell you that. But I will tell you that today is your chance to make a difference. You can party all you want on the last days of your life. You can travel all you want. You can eat what you want. But to make a difference in the world where similarities and commonalities are more approved, is more worthwhile than an around the world ticket, than the pizzas you can eat, than the wine you can drink.

Make a difference. Be part of someone else’s life. Teach people kindness. Reciprocate anger with gentleness. Read books and share it. Hug people. Motivate others, encourage them. Tell someone how beautiful they are. Be pro-human. Be selfless.

On your death, people will not remember the days you went to London, to New York or to Japan. People will not remember how many pizzas you ate in just one sitting. People will not remember the party you have been. But what they will remember is how you influence them, how you share your life to them selflessly, how you encourage them. What they will remember are the memories of gentleness and helpfulness. What they will remember is the time you spent with them listening intently. What they will remember is your kindness.

Live your life as if you can make the difference in this world. Be the difference this world needs.


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