Who Would Stand Up with You?

… I want to be her… I want to be like Ruth — bold and courageous.

Sometimes, when all things seem not t0 go according to plan and things shatter in front of your eyes, you want to shout for help as if you are drowning into an 8 feet deep sea. And you will ask, who would take that extra mile to help you? Who wouldn’t give up when you already at the verge of giving up.

I want to know someone like Boaz — kind and called ‘the redeemer.’ I want to know a person who is kind enough to listen and kind enough not to judge. I want to know a physical person who would save me from drowning, who would redeem the complacent me; who would make me believe that I can be courageous, that I can be bold, that I can be like Ruth.

Read: Ruth 3:1-18

Read the first installment of this 4-part series: Would You Stand Up for What You Believe In?





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