What I Like About You

I don’t know how to start this entry. I don’t know if words can suffice to express my thoughts. I don’t know if you will understand where I am coming from. So here it goes:

Most of the people I know always ask me why am I still single. They will ask if it is by choice or by fate, or if I’m picky, or if I’m snobbish that’s why people have a hard time entering my life. Honestly, I can answer YES to all their questions.

Truthfully, being single is both a choice and fate. Because I believe that everything we do is a choice. We do what we do because we choose to do it, maybe your choice is consciously decided or unconsciously… but the catch is you still made a choice. So do I believe in fate? Yes, but like I’ve said fate only works when we work, when we do, when we act.

I remembered that one time praying to God. It was college, I asked Him not to let me be in a relationship or fall in love if I’m not ready yet or don’t let any man court me if he will just break my fragile heart. So you ask, why am I still single? 5 words. I AM NOT READY YET!

When will I be ready?

So you see, I don’t know. Maybe I’m ready. Maybe I’m not. But most likely, I am not ready yet. Why is that so? Because I believe in the saying, “To have the best you should be the best.” I still have issues to work on. I need to get my acts straight first. I need to serve God first. I need to be what God wants me to be.  And I know right now, the right man for me is doing his best to be the person of excellence. And sadly, I am still not excellent in any area of my life. And one more thing, I haven’t decided yet the list of the best qualities of a husband.

Whenever I am asked what qualities I like about the opposite gender, I would sarcastically answer, “someone Zac Efron-ish” or “someone Sherlock-ish” just to stop them from asking. Well, I am not that superficial, I just want them to stop asking me of things I am not really certain of.

But to be honest, most likely it will be like this:

  1. A man of God. (This says it all.)
  2. A man of passion. (I’m really attracted to people with passionate heart).
  3. A man of dreams. (I’m attracted to people who dream big).
  4. A man of action. (Someone should walk the talk, right)?
  5. A man of decision. (Yes, I like someone who is firm with his decision, principles and values).

Deep, isn’t it?

So there, I don’t know if I make sense here or you see this as rubbish.


7 thoughts on “What I Like About You

  1. I’m genuinely impressed with what you’ve said. Based on what you wrote, I feel as though I can conclude that you want to date for the right reasons, and you’re more concerned with your relationship with the Lord before you’re concerned with a relationship with a man. I admire your humility. Most girls, even Christian women, seek men for the wrong reasons.
    But I completely understand how you feel. I think I’m choosing not to date and it hasn’t happened because I don’t feel ready. I need more sanctifying to do. I need to love God more than anything else before being able to love a woman. But anyways, great post. Keep it up!


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