Oh God

Oh God

I tried to hide from you.

I tried to be deaf and blind of the truth

Oh God

But you always see me through

Oh God

I doubted your grace

I doubted the love you unfailingly give

Oh God

What can I do without you?

Your love, your mercy and your grace

you abundantly share

Your love, your mercy and your grace

My heart can’t truly contain

Oh God!

Yien 11.05.15 (late at night)

Thanks to: holykaw.alltop.com for the photo.


5 thoughts on “Oh God

  1. I didn’t know you were a Christian. I really enjoyed reading this post. I found myself relating to this a lot. Especially when you said “I doubted your grace.” But yes, the Lord is faithful and he is true. His mercy runs like a river always. This was definitely an encouragement and blessing to me. Thanks!

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  2. J, your poem is really beautiful…i felt every word deep within. You are a genuine and selfless person, who I am proud to have as a friend and sister in Christ, Keep sharing your heart..it always makes my day. Have a wonderful weekend!

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