The Unicorn Road

It has been one year since I’ve finished the book, The Unicorn Road by Martin Davies. Until now, I am still in awe and I can still feel the heart ache brought by this book.

This quote still bringing me heart ache every time.
“Be careful of your dreams,” it told her. “You wish for freedom, you wish to fly. But the markets are full of caged birds. Take care, for in the Imperial City the lime is set thick upon branches. And I have watched lime birds struggle. They beat their wings and cry against the traps, betrayed by the weakness that tempted them to rest. They never fly again, though some almost tear off their legs in frustration at their capture. Do not be weak as they were. If all else fails, fly at the sun, for better to die in flames than live as I do, pinioned by my own regretting.”

…and the ending (no spoiler)- TOO.MUCH.HEARTBREAK.
I will never get tired of recommending this book to everyone. I think this is one of the most underrated novel of all times (or I am biased).
One day, I will read this again.

In Princess's Heart


After abandoning the book for 4 months. I got the courage to lie down in my bed and read it. Through the dusts and piled books, I picked it and finally opened it to read.

The Unicorn Road by Martin Davies entails the story of venturesome journey to the unknown and secrets which brings the people together in search for purpose, love and passion. It sets in the Medieval times when rulers, kings and popes are very powerful through gold, money and territory. This is a story of love, passion, cruelty, greed, honor and the power of one’s word.

The first time I read this book, I felt bored. It is because every sentence should be read in deep thoroughness and understanding. However, the second time I opened it, I let my eyes in it and read it as thoroughly as I can. And I was not dismayed. Every words…

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