Simply Grateful

Words have been my refuge the whole time of my existence. Even before I have realized my dream to be a writer, I have already written many poems to express myself. Even before I have realized the delight of reading novels, I have already read many academic books just for fun. I can truly say that my life has revolve around words. I cannot imagine this world without words, may it be written or in a form of speech. I am amazed how a single word can transform someone’s view; how a single word can affect a life; how a single word can give us something to think about, and; how words can create a world of its own but then still resonate with others.

Yes, words have that effect on me and I know most of you will also agree with me. Now, I am feeling grateful that words have become a part of me, a part of who I am, a part of the new world I am building. No, I am not YET a professional writer, I am far from that. However, I can now practice writing ‘officially’ in the company I am working with because I am tasked to be the “editor-in-chief” of the company’s newsletter. I am no longer have to endure doing the same stuff, now I am flexible, and the happy news is I am now one step to my dream career.

Why I am telling you this? Remember when I told you words can transform someone’s view? Yes, it’s true! I thought when I accepted this monotonous job of recruitment, I would be doing it for the whole time. I was anxious then, crying at night asking why do I need to be this fearful person? But yet, God has in store for me a greater responsibility… it is to communicate, encourage and let people see the beauty of life by means of writing. My view has been transformed. I am now grateful, contented, happy.

I am grateful to God for giving me the gift of encouragement through writing. I am grateful to God for giving the exact people I needed to flourish this gift… to my teachers in grade school and high school who had given me too many book reports, research papers and poetry writing assignments; to my Retorika (Rhetorics) professor who ignited my passion of writing, and; to my friend Ren, who introduced me to the world of blogging. I am grateful to God for giving me the exact experiences I needed… to the heartaches and heartbreaks which fueled my love of poetry; to the loss and forgotten friendship; to the oppression I had endured; to the depression and anxiety I had encountered, and; to the many mishaps of life.

I am simply grateful.



4 thoughts on “Simply Grateful

  1. There was no mistake in what God creates and within you he gave your heart and soul spiritual eyes which can see so clearly….I am grateful also to be blessed by your visits and to read what you share, we are part of that same living and nourishing vine…brother and sister as one in Christ. I never chose to write, yet one day God brought that alive within a lonely shy child’s life, and I can never stop writing as I know you will never also. With all we share and do we praise him by sharing his love alive within out words. Congrats and thanks for always making my day with your visits…you are a gem my sister! God bless!

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