An Open Letter for the 23 Year Old Me

Dear 23 Year Old Me,

As your last hours are coming, I want to congratulate you for being alive, for making it to this world alive and finally living your dreams. Even you have a day job which keeps you from doing what you truly love, you still do it in between. Your perseverance all through out is what I appreciate about you.

I am also proud that at 23, you still hold your principles tight in your chest. I remembered the time when you finally stood up by your principles and values. You said, you will no longer conform to the ways of the world. And you did! Even in your small physique, you proved to be a strong and genuine individual. I am in awe on how deep you’ve been. You’ve changed a lot. But for the better.

Looking back, you were just a little girl trying to find your way and not having a destination in mind. But now, you persevere to be excellent in your chosen life.You practice and practice until you become the person you desire to be.

I haven’t thought you’ve become who you are today. Tomorrow, another year will add to the numbers on your paper but I am assured, you will be a better person than today.

I know you want to thank God for the love He made you realize at 21; to thank Him for the guidance at 22, and; to thank Him for the indescribable moments of joy at 23.

Thank you for the 23 years of craziness, failures and successes, realized dreams and happy moments.

May you enjoy the last hours of you being 23.

Sincerely yours,

The Once Unappreciative Me

P.S. I’m feeling 24 already.


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