An Open Letter to the Introvert Me

Dear Introvert Me,

We just recently introduce ourselves to each other. But I am happy that I found you and you found me.

Many years ago, I was not sure of myself whether I am a loud person or a quiet one. I struggled many times believing that I should be like everyone else, partying, conversing with people I barely knew, always being in a team. But you came, and finally I understood myself.

And isn’t it funny, how ironic that you are an introvert but your job is to talk and interview people? My mind is blown how you keep doing the opposite of your personality. But you still keep it up.

You are courageous than I ever thought. Thank you for keeping up with me. Thank you for introducing yourself to me. And thank you for letting me know who I am.

Sincerely yours,

The once unappreciative me.

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3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Introvert Me

  1. My brother and I are introverts as well, as I believe my parents are too. God did have to break me out of some shyness over time. Obviously, I can’t be shy and preach in front of people at the same time! Michael, my husband, is NOT an introvert at all! He’s about as extroverted as you can get, and has forced me out of my cozy little house to do more social events than ever! But that does give a person more opportunities to help and encourage people!

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    • I remembered the time when I was really boggled because most of the people around me were outgoing, enjoys people… then I tried to be like them. But it only brought me weary and worried.
      When I discovered that I am an introvert, I finally understood myself. Now I celebrate my shyness and my introvert-ness. When we finally accept who we are, it is easier to be happy and thankful.
      Thank you for telling me your share of shyness. 🙂

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