An Open Letter to the Bookish Me


Dear Bookish Me,

Believe me or not, I am amazed of what you’ve become. From a common reader who reads anything popular, you bloomed to be a choosy one.

I can still remember when you first started to love books. You were in highschool then. Your school held a book fair. You were surprised that there are more variety of books than you imagined. You touched one book and felt a tingle in your spine… The Baby Sitter’s Club Series. You bought one book and you promised yourself to buy the remaining books of that series. But after 2 books, you never did buy the others. Yet, you still flourish the other books like Artemis Fowl and Freak the Mighty. And now, you’ve read the works of Harper Lee, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling and John Steinback to name a few.

You’ve grown and your taste of books also mature. I know, this year, I’ve been pressuring you to read 50 books. You are 9 books behind. But don’t worry, I will never push you to your limits. I know you have more responsibilities to handle. And I love that character in you. Because even how numerous and time-consuming are your responsibilities, you always find time to read a book.

You are one of a kind. Because of you, I now know to emphatize, I mature, I learn quite without the first-hand experience. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

The Once Unappreciative Me

P.S. Keep reading! You need that.

This is a 24 day open letter of self-appreciation. I started this challenge as a reminder to never underestimate myself and appreciate myself more.

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5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Bookish Me

  1. I became a bookworm through my mom’s influence – she was a major bookworm, too! I write more than I read now, but reading definitely was key in teaching me to write, even to know how to properly use a comma in various ways! (=

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