Lies and Promises

Have you ever felt that something is missing? A hole inside your soul? A missing piece in your life? Look at yourself now. What are the lies you are feeding yourself now?

I am not to preach how to fix the hole in your heart. But I am here to tell you my own hole(s).

Not good enough. I am not good enough. I cannot be good enough. I am dedicated but it seems to falter every now and then. I have courage but when faced by uncertainties, I concede one way or another. I have many dreams and goals when daydreaming, yet I am left with choosing the familiar. Why? Because I am not good enough for all these things. I am not worth it.

Whenever people around me praise me or acknowledge my mere existence, I don’t get excited. I feel that there are always hidden motives behind the sweet talk. Most of the time, I feel like they are just joking around to get my hopes up or to get me believe in myself again. Yes, I resent the idea of someone appreciating me or honoring my life. Why? I feel like I am not good enough for anyone or for anything. And I feel like life is just playing with my emotions.

I spent my whole life believing these lies. Why? Simple, believing these lies are more realistic than believing I can be the person I dreamed to be.

As I contemplate these things, I was shocked, all my life I believed in lies. In return, I discounted God’s promises to me and I carved a hole inside my heart.

Lies and promises. I am always swayed by lies. But today, I claim that God will fix the holes in my life, the lies I once believed and He will abundantly bless me with wisdom.

I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord;
    apart from you I have no good thing.”

-Psalms 16:2


4 thoughts on “Lies and Promises

  1. The world does everything in it’s power to make us believe the lie, but the world will not win, it HAS NOT won! God’s truth is stronger than any lie the enemy has thrown at you. When God says He has a plan for you to prosper you and bring you to an expected end the lie of the enemy cannot prevail. How blessed we are when we are blinded to the truth at times that God in all power, mercy and love for us comes and takes the blindfolds off…!!!!!

    God has a special and amazing plan for you Julienne…
    God is thrilled, excited, and who knows what else cause He can’t wait to reveal all that He has for you.
    Through the trials, the pain, the struggles God is with you holding you up!

    Just thought I would encourage you with that……

    God bless you


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    • Thank you for the encouragement brother Rolain! I need a loads of encouragement in this season of my life. I was recently in the moment wherein I doubted everything I believed. The world feeds me with lies and the foolish me believed on those lies.
      I know, God has grander plan.. but the weather here in my country makes me feel anxious (well it’s rainy season here).
      Thank you Rolain! I truly appreciate your encouragement. God bless you always! 🙂

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      • You are not foolish….just human and we all make mistakes! 🙂 We have all doubted God, we have all listened to the world and God knows this. But He holds on to us and never lets us go. If He did we would not be here. We would be lost.

        Just remember Joseph…..God had a plan for him, an amazing, unbelievable plan, one that would save the world but for that to happen God took him to Egypt!!! How hard it must of been for him to understand what God was up to….
        The most important thing is this, God was with him in Egypt!!! And that made ALL the difference….I will be praying for you Julienne.
        You are not alone cause God is with you in this season….and that makes all the difference!
        Be expectant, things will change! Winter’s always come to an end.

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