Will you wait….???

Sharing to everyone this entry of my co-blogger Rolain. All of our lives, we wait. We wait for the sun to shine, we also wait for the rain to stop. We wait for the train and we wait till it stops. We wait for world peace and we wait for love. We wait for dreams and promises to come true. We wait for forever. We wait. That’s everyone’s story. And we all know that WAITING is hard. Sometimes, we want to give up. But we need to keep moving forward and we need to keep our heart still… and hope that what we are waiting for will not take forever.


Be strong and let your heart take courage,

all you who wait for and hope for and expect

the Lord!

Psalm 31:24

If you think waiting on God is a walk in the

park think again……

If you have really waited on God you will

know the truth. It’s a fight to wait.

Psalm 31 captures it perfectly.

Waiting is not for the faint of heart.

The word says take courage!

There have been things I have been waiting

on God for. I have been waiting for months

and years! It’s been such a test. But do I regret

the wait? Not on your life. The waiting was needed.

It played an important part in my growth as a son

of God and it still does…..!

You see, waiting reveals where you are really

at with God. It reveals your heart.

The Israelites saw that they were in trouble.


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