In need of Creative Juices

The past weeks, I’ve been very busy doing some serious stuff (writing articles for non-blog purposes, writing articles and more articles). Yeah, I’ve been writing for the past weeks. I am not complaining. But I’ve finally felt the so-called writer’s block. And I can’t seem to break tht block.

So now, I am asking for your help. I am writing a newsletter and I still don’t have a NEWSLETTER NAME. Pathetic, right? Haha. To summarize, I am doing a newsletter for my company in an IT industry. It is an internal newsletter meaning the audience are the employees. The content is simple, it includes announcement, achievements, information. I am having a hard time thinking of a catchy title. I tried to present: Wired; Connect IT; The Access, but nothing is appealing. Can someone here suggest a Newsletter Title? I need to present it again tomorrow!

And to thank those people who will suggest a very good newsletter title, I will reblog one of your blog post. Promise!


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4 thoughts on “In need of Creative Juices

  1. Been thinking about your question but drawing a blank. Maybe something like “What’s behind IT” or “Inside of IT” or “It’s IT Time”. No help I know but maybe it will spring some thought. You will get it. “You Get IT”. Sorry, just thought I would through that one in.

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