Didn’t Know You

It is such a delight whenever I see people doing what they are passionate about. I can see their eyes twinkling like a new breed of happiness enter their souls. I can see a smile without hesitation. It is like their souls are with connection to another dimension. A new life springs within them and a soulful rendition of art begins. And as I see them, I can say that I did know them. I did know their hearts. I did know their souls.

Okay, this is such a melodramatic description of what I am feeling whenever I listen and watch the Karmin duo. They have so much passion whenever they are performing and singing: Amy’s passion in singing is priceless, so as Nick’s passion in instrument playing. Passion is written all over their faces.

Nothing beats boredom and writer’s block but a good music to sing along with. And Karmin duo can give you all the feels and can inspire you in a whole new different way.

Here’s their new single, Didn’t Know You, from their upcoming album, Leo Rising (well, this is not the official video):

Now I wonder, I have all these brain waves for this post but I don’t have the guts to start the article that I am suppose to be writing right now. Oh, well!


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