Second Chance

Everybody deserves a second chance.
A second chance in life.
A second chance to live again.
A second chance to feel.
A second chance to do good.
A second chance to laugh.
A second chance to hope.
A second chance to make things right.

The truth is I don’t like to write about second chances. Why? Because it was once a foreign idea to me. An idea which was only read in a book or watched in a movie. An idea which was hard to fully accept.

It was hard for me to give people a second chance when they did wrong. It was hard for me to forgive those who wronged me. It was hard for me to be good to people who once was bad to me.

Swallowing the idea of second chance was not an overnight process. It was never easy. As I write this, I cannot still fathom how I changed my stand about second chances. One thing is for sure though, when I started to have faith in God, slowly everything became clearer.

The stories in the Bible is all about redemption. It is all about second chances… It is not about who did wrong or who did right. The stories in the Bible is all about who are willing to be redeemed. All the great people and prophets in the Old Testament were given second chances. Even they had lapses or they did wrong or even murdered others, God still gave them second chance. In the New Testament, the greatest story of redemption was when Jesus nailed at the cross for our second chance in life. Jesus doing that made me realized that nothing in this world is irredeemable. Nothing is undeserving of forgiveness and second chance.

We are the story of second chance. We are given another day to pursue greatness, to pursue God. This is the day we have to learn to love ourselves. This is the day of forgiveness. This new day is our second chance. What now if we did wrong yesterday? This day is a new day to make things right. Everyday is a chance to do good. Salvation. Redemption. Second chance. What more can we ask for?


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4 thoughts on “Second Chance

  1. My young friend – you are wise beyond your years. Great post. Jesus gave everyone as many chances as they need to get to know Him, trust Him, confess to Him and accept Him. The only time that chance goes away is if we should die before knowing and accepting Him. He waits with open arms for each and every person on earth. It is just up to each of us to walk into them. Come onto me all you who have heavy burdens and I will give you rest! May God bless you young princess.

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  2. Hi Julienne

    This is so encouraging! We all have been given a a second chance…as we have been given a second chance may we be thankful to God and give others a second chance! Great post….!


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