Pen and Paper

To whom you tell the words you longly want to say?
Is it to the birds that fly
or the snakes that crawl under the night sky?
To whom you create the caricature of reality painted on the wall?
Is it to the people beside you
or the crowd inside you?

Many people see you talking to yourself…
“Insane! Insane! Insane!” That’s what they whisper behind you.
How about a change of perspective?
Maybe you are a poet trying to contain every word your heart says
or maybe a painter of story living in a world of monochromatic tales.

For whom you write the story of once upon a time?
or the ending of a happily ever after?
Is it for the children?
or the child your age who’s afraid of the future?

Many believe what you need is a pinch of hope.
They suggest compromising to make things better.
You say, “it only gets harder. Each day it gets harder.”
You say, “life is not simply what you see. It is more than what you see.”
After all, maybe a pinch of hope will end the fear.
But right now, all you’ve got is a pen and paper.

-Written last January 17, 2015

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