The Croods


I don’t know what’s with animated movies that make me cry always. Animated movies never fails to make me smile, happy, sad, cry, think, analyze, love, hope and all the feels. The Croods is one of those movies which gave me so much feels. I cried half of the time. I laughed half of the time. I was feeling crazy actually while watching this, like, tears were falling down on my face but I was laughing.

One of my favorite lines is:


My favorite scene is:

When Grug was throwing all his family members on the other side of the mountain (where tomorrow is) to save them, tears after tears are falling from my eyes. The fact that he will be left where he is because who would throw him? Yeah… That made me cry… HARD! He sacrificed his life for his family. I know it sounds cheesy but hey that scene was really heartbreaking in all ways possible.

This scene is when alone Grug draws his family

Ok. This movie is amazing. Truly amazing. You see, I am still child at heart.
I also watched Monster U and Lego Movie. Movies like these are very deep.

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