Caught in Between

There is a thin line between normal and abnormal. A thin line between sanity and insanity, genius and dunce. And a thin line between excellent and lukewarm.

These past few days I observed myself seeing others’ lukewarmness. They conform to what the world is offering. They go to the movie theatre to see what other people are talking about or because the actor is sexy or hot. They go worship idols. They go rebuke others’ values because it does not qualify on their worldly standard. And the list goes on and on.

It breaks my heart to see them settle for less, for things that I know they can excel but choose to stay lesser. What breaks my heart is they don’t know that their principles and values are being twisted by this world’s standard. For a person like me, it hurts for me because I believe in the potential of humans. That everyone has the capabality to dream, to be extraordinarily wonderful, to hold on to the principles and values they once have, to hold on to their faith, to live out the truth. But they settle to being lukewarm. They settle on the world’s standard.

Living out the truth is a YES or a NO, no MAYBE’s, just say Yes if you agree or No if you do not. There is no in between. We cannot be caught in between. Being in between is like being doubtful about the truth. You either fall in the pit of sin or doubt God’s existence.

The truth I am saying is, Jesus is the only way. There is no other way. Living out this truth is like walking in a snowy rocky mountain, hard but if you reach your destination, it is surely worthwhile. We are God’s, we are expected to be beyond this world. Even though it seems hard and tempting to be lukewarm, we are called to be excellent, to stand up to the Truth, to remain in God’s loving arms, to be ready for the battle of Truth against the world’s lie.

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