All You Wanted is My Heart

Our life is a series of chasing. We chase for the future. We chase for love. We chase for our dreams. We chase for career. We chase for something we cannot have. We chase for our feelings to be satisfied. We chase life until we are left empty-handed. And the chasing becomes nonsense because we never get satisfied.

When we chase for ‘things,’ we can get tired and burdened in the long run. It is like chasing the sun, we chase but we never get there. The truth is in chasing what we want, we can lose ourselves. We can be rich in wealth but poor in spirit. We can be full but really empty. We can be happy but never joyous.

We chase material things without knowing that all we ever needed is in our grasps.
We chase for love not knowing that the love we need is already given to us.
We chase for the future when the fact is our future is already laid out.
We chase life not knowing that someone has already given his life in return for our life.
We chase what we want not minding that what He ever wanted is our heart.

“I was chasing healing when I’d been made well.
I was fighting battles when You conquered hell.
Living free but from a prison cell.
Lord, I lay it down today.
~All You’ve Ever Wanted, Casting Crowns”


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