Living Like It All Depends on You

I love the way that your heart breaks

With every injustice and deadly fate.

Praying it all will be new.

And living like it all depends on you.

~Again, Flyleaf (Memento Mori)

Living in this world where we are clueless of our ending or unsure where we are going, we begin to depend on what we know and what we can do. We limit the control to ourselves.

The greatest story ever told are the stories that everyone has taken part. Not only the “protagonist” do his role but also the non-protagonist doing the valuable action to victory. Look how this stories emanate through our souls. Look how a simple help can make a whole lot of difference.

What I am trying to say, most of the time we depend on ourselves and our capability. We forget that not all the time we need to take responsibility of everything. We do our best to complete a task but losing ourselves in the long run. Simply because, it is not ours to do in the first place. We depend on ourselves too much. We control everything.

We take the journey which is not ours to take. We take the task which is not ours to do. We take the responsibility which we are capable of but not ours to worry. When we did take the part which is not ours to get, we are eating more than what we can chew. We burden ourselves on things we know we cannot control.

We want peace. We want justice. We want love reciprocated. But the thing is, our only responsibility is to open doors, to be the instrument to attain these and let God do the rest of it. Because, the truth is, even how hard we try to have peace, justice and love… we cannot do it without the help of the most powerful of all.


Here’s one of my favorite song of Flyleaf, Again:




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