Love Never Changes Mind

Can we really define love? People say love is an emotion. Love is an act of showing passion, desire, and attachment. Love is what we feel when we have admiration to someone. Love is a noun, an action, the dictionary puts it this way: (n) a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person; (n) attraction that includes sexual desire: the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship; (n) a person you love in romantic way. The problem is, these definitions do not wholly define love.

Love has no definite definition because it is in fact uncomprehensible. But one thing I discovered about love: it never changes mind. When we experience love, every moment is a discovery. When love works, we experience a whole new world of existence. We know without knowing but we are certain that everything will fall right into place. When we love, we make the uncertain certain. When we love, we love the deepest because finally we are at peace. Because this kind of love is a love which will give us peace.

Love is more than the passion, desire and attachment. Love is more than admiration to someone. Love is more than an action. Love is a laid out plan. Love is certainty. Love never changes mind. When we feel this kind of love, we will be certain of the unknown. We will be certain of the uncomprehensible, because this love is like no other love, this love is a love only when looking up will we find.

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7 thoughts on “Love Never Changes Mind

  1. Yes the last line does say it all – “this love is a love only when looking up will we find”. This love is buried deep in our chest surrounding our heart where no one can steal it away where it will never leave you. It nourishes our body and mind in ways that only the one with it can express. The more we look up the more it is filled. The mind, the heart, the soul, is what we were created with and the Love is what fills it. Bless you and may His love continue to fill your mind, heart and soul.

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  2. I found love began in my life when I first came to know Gods love, for he is the beginning of love> When his love embraces you, it becomes a core part of your whole essence. That blessing of genuine love allows you to be able to love yourself and in-turn to be able to love others unconditionally without wanting anything in return. You now begin to love your sisters and brothers as yourself…that love blossoms daily when with kindness, and love you bless others daily. And one day Gods love will bless you with one who will share the same ideals you cherish and as one you will become, and when you look at them you will see Gods blessing alive each day, as they will also see yours…and you both will always see and be thankful for his eternal blessing of love. Amazing message dear sister! Here is a poem I wrote to God when he blessed me with the gift to write…hugs and blessings always!

    A Raindrop of You Love

    Succulent is your morning kiss to me
    Like wine aged more than a thousand years
    My mouth has nourished upon your kiss
    And the powerful energy which lies within

    You are comparable to all in the world
    And yet none is truly comparable to you
    You are as fair as autumn to the leaves
    Or snow to the winter or spring to a rose

    For your loveliness is perfect to me Lord
    And its fairness is truly beautiful to me
    You are more lovely that a thousand maidens
    Or a million lilies dotting an emerald field

    And my love will always be yours forever
    Endless days and countless nights I shall wait
    And I will dedicate all of my life’s works to you
    If only to receive a tiny raindrop of your love.

    Have a beautiful day!


    • I agree. When we feel the love of God, we experience the greatest love of all which in turn transcends to our whole being. We are able to love the people around us even the unlovable. And we can be assured that what we are experiencing is God’s love.

      Great poetry! Thank you very much for your encouraging words! God bless you always. πŸ™‚


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