Rest days are over

The holidays are almost over which means rest days are now in the verge of ending. For working adults, busy days are fast approaching. For students, classes will resume in just three days or so.

In these days where everything is fast phase, rest has been a privilege more than a necessity. People hurry everything, forgetting the essential of resting.

Why do we need to rest? Our physical body needs it. Our brain needs it. Our soul needs it. Not resting is like murdering yourself slowly. Stress, fatigue, sickness… name it and you’ll have it if you don’t take rest seriously.

On the 7th day of the creation, God rested. I think that is enough reason why we need to rest. I think even our Great Father needs rest to recharge. Creating a whole universe was I supposed very tiring, stressful maybe, even how much it brings joy to God, it was still stressful enough. And also He asked us to have a Sabbath day when we can’t do any work, a day for only rest.

Life is more enjoyable if we take some time to rest. But don’t forget to also work. God worked in 6 days, He rested on the 7th. Work and rest are the key to a balance life.

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