I don’t take “no” for an answer. Why? Because if you can get a “yes,” why settle for a “no?”

But not everything in life is a “yes.” Not everything in life is a fairytale. Sometimes (and for most of us), we are entangled in a world of “no’s.” We all experienced rejections. And the feeling of being rejected is one of the most excuriating pain we may encounter.

There are so many no’s I have endured. And most of the time, I get depressed when things don’t go my own way. But I think God is making me realize how most of the time a single “no” may be a bunch of “yes-es” for another opportunities.

Every closed door is an opening for a beautiful door. Whenever we lose something is an opportunity to get a better thing. When something ended, some extraordinary will start. There’s a bunch of clichés I can quote. But one thing is for sure… God’s “no” is God’s “yes” to another beautiful adventure.

Happy Holidays everybody!

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