Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cureThis generation values self-expression so much that they forget self-control.

Self-expression has been the cry of many young people today. Expressing themselves in different ways. Some blog. Some dress the way they want to get dress. Some use curse words. Some do unbelievable stuff… all because of self-expression.

But if you can see, our world today is in chaos. More people are striving to express themselves that they lose the sense of control. What I am trying to say is, self-expression is becoming too much which is really bad to one’s humanity and spirituality. Too much self-expression may lead to temptations.

We can prevent temptations by controlling ourselves. We can surround ourselves with Godly people, people who will guide us and care for our beings. We can just reject drinking alcohols with our friends. We can just say “NO.”

We sin because we let the enemy master us. Yes, it is fun to express ourselves. But anything that is too much is bad for our beings. Remember what the doctors always say, “Prevention is better than cure.” If we can prevent sin and temptation from happening, why will we wait for it to happen?


What do you think?

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