What I Learned this Morning

Today, as I was watching the interview of Jinkee Pacquiao (wife of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao), I was strucked by what she said… It goes like this,

When opportunity knocks on you, take it… because it’s God’s door for you.

Well that was not the exact words, but that’s the idea.

How many opportunities I let passed by… I was afraid that may be I would fail. But now, I think I need to unlimit myself. I need to not let my fear stop me from becoming the best I can.

When opportunities knock again, I’ll grab it!


6 thoughts on “What I Learned this Morning

  1. When opportunity comes knocking may we recognize it as a door God has opened! That is such an amazing thought! Thanks Julienne. May we be ready to take the opportunities that come our way! Bless you.


  2. i know the feeling… i have let opportunities passed by in the past… but in the end, we will be where God wants us to be. May opportunity akong inayawan noon pero nung bumalik yun, i grabbed it kasi alam kong that’s from God. loving every minute of it โค


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