Cliché: Health is Wealth

They say health is wealth.

I agree. More than anything else in this physical world, the important thing is to treasure our health. Why? It is hard to live if you are sick. It is hard to do what you ought to do if you are sick. It is hard to be yourself if you are sick.

I remember several times in the past when my asthma attacked. One of those is when in the middle of an important national examination for third year high school students. At first, I felt ashamed because it was very quiet. Everybody was serious in answering the exam. Just imagine how quiet it was and I began coughing. So, the proctor decided to let me go to the clinic because I think I’m disturbing others and because I need to. It was ok with me but then I realized going to the clinic meant lesser time to answer the exam. I went back fast and answered the remaining (not few) questions. Good thing I passed that examination because if not I will be devastated.

Then I came into thinking, how many times should sickness hold me back to realize how essential it is to be in good health? How many important events of my life I should miss because of sickness? How many opportunities should I decline because of my unhealthy living?

Honestly, until now, I am still not taking good care of myself. I do not exercise. The only exercise I do is walking from my home to the office and from the office to my home. I do not eat the right amount of healthy foods. I am always sitting or lying in my bed. This is not a healthy way of living.

I think I should always recite to myself, health is wealth. As I’ve said in the last devotional from Refuel, we should not be lazy. And it is also applicable with this week’s devotional. If we are too lazy to take good care of our physical being, we let opportunity of flourishment pass us by.

Even how cliché it sounds, I will always remind myself that health is wealth.

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