Don’t murder my name or else…

The younger version of me valued the name she was born with. Simply because, her name represents herself. It is what she was called at home, at school, in the community. That’s why, whenever someone pronounced her name wrong or spelled it wrong, she get irritated (or angry at times). She know… her name is hard to pronounce or spell. Even her teachers pronounced and spelled it incorrectly. Even her younger brother cannot spell it right. So she simplified “Julienne” to “Yien” (pronounced as like the last syllable of “Julienne” or the curreny of Japan, “Yen”). But still, other people mispronounced it. They were what she called, “Name Murderers.”

I hated it. I was annoyed by it.

For me, my name was my identity. It was what I am. So better not to mispronounce it or else I might hate you.

But then, I came into the realization that my name is not my sole identity. In this world, yes, my name is my identity. But in the world after this life, my name will just be a vague representation of my existence. Because my identity is not from a piece of paper… or letters combined with another letter… or words uttered by different people… but my identity is from the Creator. I don’t like to sound cheesy but that’s what it is.

I came to realize that my life will not start or end with a single mispronounced name. That my worth is not measured by the letters in my birth certificate. That my name never represents what Jesus did in the cross.

In this life, our name will only be as useful as the water. The water is important in this life because we thirst. Just like our name is important in this world because every transaction needs it. But in heaven, our name will just be like the sound of cymbals, gongs and harps. In heaven, (I think) there will be no need for God to call us by name because our hearts will already know.

The present version of me still values her given name. Simply because, it is her transaction identity. But unlike the past, she is not getting annoyed whenever people mispronounce or mispell her name. Whereas now, she knows where her identity lies.


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