A Reminder from a Mediocre

I didn’t consider myself a mediocre until the day I realized that there is something more to life than what I know.

Living in this world, it is safe to be in the comforts. It is safe to stay where we are. It is more understandable to live in monotone. It is safe to be safe. But… are we really safe in mediocrity?

When we are average, we tend to be contented with what we know. Isn’t that laziness? We become satisfied to the knowledge we had gained which restrain us to move forward and attain more. In doing this, we discredit the gift of talent given by God.

When we are average, we let the enemy win over us. When we are average, we do average stuff, we do the normal thing to do. That is not good. Because we are called to become beyond normal, beyond what is expected, beyond this world.

Remember: God wants us to excel. Being a mediocre means being lazy to flourish God’s given gift. Being lazy is like giving permit to the enemy to do what it wants to us. And when it happens, we become succumbed by fear.

~A simple reminder from a mediocre trying to unleash her potential by writing. Believing that in writing and sharing God’s word, she will become excellent in the eyes of her Creator.

The lazy man does not roast his game, but a diligent man prizes his possessions (Proverbs 12:27).

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